Walgreens Curbside Pickup


If you're like me, you love the convenience of curbside pickup. Now you can add Walgreens curbside pickup to the growing list of retailers offering this option. That's right; free curbside pickup is available at all of their freestanding locations (meaning not at specialty pharmacies like those inside other stores.) The best part? You can use coupons with your curbside orders too. What's this mean for you as a shopper? Read on to find out.

Here's how Walgreens curbside pickup works.

  1. Sign in (or order as a guest) and place an

    order online at Walgreens.com

    , through the

    Walgreens app

    , or by calling customer service at (877) 250-5823.

  2. Then wait until you receive an 'Order is Ready' text or email to head to the store.

  3. Once you arrive at the store, park in a curbside pickup spot (or one close if pickup spots are full).

  4. Tap the 'I'm here' button in your email or text notification.

  5. Provide your vehicle's details like the make, model, and color.

  6. Click 'Submit.'

  7. Show your 'Order is Ready' email or text to the Walgreens team member who will load it into your trunk.

Link your myWalgreens rewards to your Walgreens account for in-store promos, offers, and Walgreens Cash.

Before you place an order for curbside pickup, be sure to link your myWalgreens account to your Walgreens account so you can get in-store promotions and offers. You can also earn and use myWalgreens Cash on pickup orders. If you don't have a Walgreens account, sign up to enjoy these benefits.

Apply digital coupons to your Walgreens curbside pickup order.

Person adding digital Walgreens coupons on app

Clip digital coupons prior to shopping, and they will automatically apply during checkout online or in the app; however, Walgreens won't accept paper coupons at pickup.

Walgreens curbside pickup has a $10 shopping cart minimum.

Walgreens requires your shopping cart total is at least $10. The good part is it's $10 before digital coupons.

Place a Walgreens curbside pickup order up to an hour before store closing.

Curbside pickup is available at Walgreens from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Orders need to be placed at least an hour before closing; otherwise, they will be ready the next day.

Grab your Walgreens curbside pickup orders in as little as 30 minutes.

Although not guaranteed, Walgreens says you may be able to pick up your order in as little as 30 minutes. I say give it an hour, and your order will most likely be ready.

Pay for and pick up prescriptions separately from retail items with Walgreens pickup.

If you have prescriptions you want to pick up at the same time as your curbside order, you'll have to pay for prescriptions separately from your retail items during checkout.

Although you can pick up a few small items and your prescriptions through the drive-thru, to avoid any frustration for you or the Walgreens team member, it's best to use regular curbside for retail items and drive-thru for prescriptions.


A curbside pickup sign in front of Walgreens.

1. Are the prices the same online as in store?

Yes, prices are the same, but you won't earn Register Rewards online.

2. Can someone else pick up my curbside order?

Yes, just add an alternate person when placing your order.

3. Are there items I can't buy for curbside pickup?

Yes, non-denominated gift cards, magazines, newspapers, and items exclusively sold online. Alcohol, tobacco, and items that contain pseudoephedrine require in-store pickup.

4. How long will Walgreens hold my pickup order?

Walgreens will only hold your order for 72 hours after they send your email or text notification. After that, your stuff goes back.

5. What about out-of-stock items?

You can select 'allow substitutions' during checkout, and Walgreens will try and find a comparable item. However, if you don't select substitutions, out-of-stock items will be marked on your pickup email.