The Walgreens app does a lot of different jobs at the same time — it’s a store, it’s a coupon database, it’s a pharmacy, and it’s even a doctor’s office. And while couponing at Walgreens can be confusing, the app itself is pretty straightforward.

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Here’s how to use the Walgreens app for (seriously) everything.


Download the Walgreens app to order groceries and household items.

First things first, download the Walgreens app and set up a profile.

When you’re ready to shop, order through the app, and Walgreens will ship your items to your house. You’ll pay $5.99 for shipping unless you spend a minimum of $35 before discounts. (Photo center items, gift cards, and prescription savings club cards don’t count toward your minimum spending threshold, but everything else does.)

To place an order:

  1. Tap “Shop & Savings.”
  2. Then tap “Products.”
  3. When you find something you want, tap “Add to Cart.” (If an item isn’t available for purchase through the app, it’ll say “Not sold online.”)

You can also avoid paying for shipping by selecting “Ship to Store” at checkout whenever you see that option.


Get 10% off and free shipping when you sign up for Auto-Reorder.

Think of it like Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. Thousands of household items like diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, and more are eligible for Auto-Reorder.

To select Auto-Reorder for an item, add the product to your cart. Before you check out, you’ll see the option to add Auto-Reorder. You can set it for any of these intervals:

  • Every 30 days
  • Every 60 days
  • Every 90 days
  • Every 120 days
  • Every 180 days

To change anything with your established Auto-Reorders, tap “Shop & Savings,” scroll down, and tap “Auto-Reorder.” From this screen you can increase or decrease the frequency of your orders, or remove items completely.


“Clip” Walgreens app coupons to use for mobile or in-store purchases.

And when I say “clip,” I mean “tap.” Starting June 7, Walgreens began offering all of their coupons online (digital). You can still get the weekly ad — but everything you need is in the app.

Manufacturer coupons are listed in the “Shop & Savings” portion of the app. Tap to add one to your order.

Alternatively, when you’re shopping for products, if an item has a current manufacturer coupon offer, it’s listed on the product. Tap it to add it to your order. Either way works to “clip” a manufacturer coupon.

Once you’ve clipped a coupon and added the qualifying product to your cart, the coupon amount will be applied automatically when you check out.

If you’re shopping in store, just enter your phone number as you’re paying, and your coupons and myWalgreens rewards will automatically apply. Speaking of myWalgreens rewards…


“Clip” myWalgreens offers too — they look like coupons.

For example, if I see a coupon like “Get 5,000 bonus Walgreens Cash when you spend $25,” I’d clip it and then once I reach $25 (after manufacturer coupons are applied), I’ll receive an extra 5,000 points at checkout, automatically.

Even though you receive Walgreens Cash automatically when you buy qualifying products, it can take a few days for your total to show up in the app. So don’t panic if you don’t see it right away.


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Scan products with the Walgreens app to find available coupons.

If you’re shopping in store, use the Walgreens app to scan items and find out instantly if there’s a coupon available for that product.

This feature saves a lot of time that you’d be spending looking up coupons in the app. But, it’s tricky to find inside the app, so follow these instructions:

  1. Tap “Shop & Savings” at the bottom of the app.
  2. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top.
  3. Tap the barcode icon in the search bar.
  4. Make sure your camera is enabled so you can use your phone to scan your item’s barcode.



Clip digital coupons right when you see them.

Why? Because even if a coupon doesn’t expire for a few weeks, you only get a small window of time in which you can clip it and add it to your account.

Let’s say you clip a $3/1 Tide coupon that doesn’t expire for 30 days and a week later, you tell a friend about the coupon so she can clip it, too. She reports back to you that the coupon isn’t there anymore. But you still see it in your clipped Walgreens app coupons and it’s not expired. What the heck, right?

Sometimes coupons are only available to clip for a limited amount of time. The app doesn’t tell you how long you get to clip them. So, if you see one you like, clip it. You’ll be able to use it until its expiration date, even if it’s no longer available to be clipped in the app.


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Use the app to scan your prescription bottle for a refill.

Talk about easy.

  1. Just tap “Prescriptions” at the bottom of the Walgreens app.
  2. Then tap “Refill by Scan.”
  3. Just like the scanning feature for coupons, you can scan the barcode on your current prescription and order a refill. (You can also manually enter your prescription number if you prefer.)

Do all of this from your home, and Walgreens will notify you when your prescription is ready for pickup! Here are a few other things you can do through the pharmacy with the app:

  • Add pill reminders
  • View your prescription history
  • Submit photos of your insurance card
  • Live chat with an expert for pharmacy questions or video call for health advice
  • Order/reorder contact lenses
  • Manage your family’s prescriptions
  • Join Walgreens Prescription Savings Club. If you’re already a member, you can view your savings.


Pay for a live chat with a doctor right there in the app.

Each service shows the cash price, which may vary by location. I found an in-person clinic visit at a nearby office for $75 and a virtual one for $39. If you select a third-party provider (not a Walgreens service), you’ll be redirected to the provider’s site, where you enter your personal information and set an appointment.

You can even speak with a specialist like a dermatologist ($59, plus a 24-hour wait time), or a live behavioral therapist ($99).

Here’s how to speak with a doctor:

  1. Tap “Find Care” at the bottom of the Walgreens app.
  2. Tap “Doctor Video Call LIVE.”
  3. Tap “Get Started.”
  4. Fill out your information and follow the prompts.



Get 30% off Walgreens phots when you order through the app.

You have to start creating your photo order through the 30% off offer, so don’t create your order and then expect to use the 30% off code at checkout.

To make sure you get the 30% off:

  1. Tap “Photo” at the bottom of the app.
  2. Then tap “Use Code” at the top where you see the offer.
  3. Tap “Start Creating” and upload your images or create your album.

All mobile orders receive free same-day pickup at a Walgreens of your choice.


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Walgreens app FAQ

What if my coupons don’t automatically apply at checkout?

Unfortunately, couponers have found this to be a thing. Call Walgreens customer service at 1-800-925-4733.


Does the cashier scan my phone to apply my coupons at checkout?

Nope. Just enter the phone number that’s associated with your Walgreens account at checkout, and all coupons and myWalgreens rewards will automatically apply.


How do I check my Walgreens Cash balance in the Walgreens app?

  1. Make sure you’re signed in.
  2. Tap the circle at the top of the home page. It should have your initials or a profile picture if you’ve uploaded one.
  3. On the left you’ll see a square that says “Walgreens Cash Rewards” with your balance.


How do I pay with points while shopping in the app?

Once you’ve earned the minimum amount of points for a reward (1,000 points for a $1 reward), you’ll see the option to use your reward toward your order total when you check out. If you want to pay with points, select it.


How many coupons can I use when I use the Walgreens app to make a purchase?

You can use each digital coupon one time.


Can I place a Walgreens pickup or delivery order through the app?

Sure can. You’ll do this through the Shop & Savings tab in the app. One thing to note — prices shown may be different than in-store prices.


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