You’ve downloaded The Krazy Coupon Lady app and are ready to start saving — bravo, new friend! Now let’s get down to business.

First thing’s first: you’ve gotta set your store preferences in the app. It’s the fastest way to access hot deals from stores you actually like.

Don’t worry, it’s super easy to filter deals. I’ll walk you through the steps:

1. Tap the “Stores” star icon.

The “Stores” icon is located along the bottom navigation bar in your iPhone app, or in the top navigation bar of your Android app.


2. Choose your favorite stores.

Once selected, they’ll be starred and automatically moved to the top of your screen. To remove stores from your favorites, simply tap the yellow star to the right of a retailer’s name.

PRO TIP: Psst…wanna know where all the good deals are? Check out The Best Stores for Beginner Couponers.


3. See all your store’s deals and tips.

To view deals from an individual store, tap the retailer’s name. From there, scroll down to view all the latest deals. Each feed in the app is automatically filtered to show you the newest deals and tips first. Refresh your feed by swiping down until you see the refresh wheel.

Become a couponing boss at each store by learning pro tips and tricks. Tap “Tips” just below your store’s logo, or read a retailer’s coupon policy and learn the 101 basics by tapping “View Store Information.”


4. View a single deal.

To get all the details from an individual deal — including links to free coupons — tap on any deal’s image or title. From there, we’ll break down the steps needed to complete the deal. Then, all you have to do is print or save any necessary coupons and head to the store!

PRO TIP: Tap the empty box (or circle if you’re on an Android) next to a deal scenario to add it to “My List.” When you’re ready to start printing coupons, head to “My List” to view all your saved deals.


Learn how to print free coupons right from the KCL app!


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How to Set Store Preferences in the KCL App