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You just downloaded The Krazy Coupon Lady app, which means you’re about to save some serious dough on pretty much everything.

But now what?

Well, let me show you around so you can get to saving big — stat!

I may be biased, but this is THE. BEST. shopping app around — it’s packed full of deals and tips on the things you love and already buy. AND it’s about to become your new BFF.

Like any new friend, you’ve gotta share some details about yourself. Don’t worry, it won’t be awkward because I’m going to walk you through, step by step.


1. Make sure you have an Android phone — the Krazy Coupon Lady app for Android won’t work with an iPhone.

Make sure your phone is an Android. This is the Android guide to rockin’ the KCL app, which means you probably went to the Google Play Store.

If you have an iPhone, get over to the App Store and download this powerful tool, like, now! Then follow the iPhone KCL Guide.


2. Visit the Beginner’s Guide landing page to learn all about couponing the Krazy way.

Locate the three-bar menu in the top left corner and click on it. From there click on “Beginner’s Guide.” Just like that you’ll be transported to our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Couponing. You’ll also get a video tutorial on deal alerts. Seriously. Don’t skip this step.


3. Select your favorite stores.

Let us know which stores you love, and we’ll deliver the best deals and sales right to your home feed. Don’t worry, you can change your store favorites any time by visiting the “Stores” star icon along the top of your screen. You can also see all the deals anytime by clicking the “stores” button on the bottom of the app and then choosing which store you’re interested in.

Don’t see your store?

It’s probably because we aren’t covering it right now. We choose which retailers to cover based on a store’s coupon friendliness. If we don’t cover your local store, try practicing your couponing skills at Target or CVS. Both are nationwide and are notoriously coupon friendly.

For more info on coupon-friendly retailers, check out The Best Stores for Beginner Couponers.

And if you think your store belongs on KCL’s list, let us know! Use the 3-bar menu found in the upper left corner of the app to contact us.


4. Set up Deal Alerts so you never miss a sweet deal.

You don’t want to miss any HOT deals, do you? We pinky promise to only send the best — and yes, you can change your alert settings anytime. You can find the video tutorial for setting up deal alerts in the Beginner’s Guide, or you can just follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and choose the three bar menu in the top right corner
  2. Click the “notifications” button
  3. Choose the gear icon in the top right corner
  4. Toggle on “Push Notifications” which will allow Krazy Coupon Lady to send notifications to your phone
  5. Scroll through the list of popular products and toggle on any and all that you love. Let’s say you choose “air fryer.” Anytime there’s a hot deal, Krazy Coupon Lady will send a push notification directly to your phone so you can hop right on the deals you need in your life.

Note: You can also set up deals on brands, like Tide! The process is exactly the same, and you’ll get all the info on sales, coupons and rebates from places like Ibotta!

Want to change the deals you receive notifications for? Simply toggle the button off. If you need a break from notifications altogether then you can toggle “Push Notifications” off and we’ll leave you alone until you’re ready.



5. Create a Krazy Coupon Lady account.

Of course, you can always choose to use the KCL app as a guest, but you won’t get access to all the awesome features, and where’s the fun in that?

With an account, you can also create shopping lists based on your favorite deals and brag about how much money you save to the other members of the KCL community.

BONUS: When you register for a new KCL account, you’re automatically subscribed to our Daily Deals email, so there’s no chance of you ever missing another great sale or coupon again!


6. Tell us a little about yourself.

Once logged in, take a moment to finish setting up your profile. You can access your profile by going to the three-bar menu in the upper left corner, then tapping your username at the bottom.

Within your profile, you can:

  • Add or change your profile picture
  • Update your display name, first/last name and email address
  • Update your profile password (email users only)
  • Delete your account (Keep in mind, you will not be able to reactivate your account and will lose all of your personal settings, store preferences, favorites and brags. We cannot recover deleted profile data.)




Where do I find the deals for my stores?

The “My Deals” tab on your home feed is where you’ll find all the deals from stores you selected as your favorites. As you scroll down your feed, keep in mind the most recent deals will be at the top (your feed is automatically sorted by date). To refresh your deals list, simply swipe down the screen until the refresh wheel appears.

To see all of KCL’s hottest deals, check out the “Our Picks” tab at the top of your home feed.

To skip right to the coupon database, click on the “Coupons” tab at the top of the home feed. Here, you can search for free mobile, printable and newspaper coupons. You can also use our search function on the top right of the screen to find coupons by brand or product.

Next, in the “Retail” tab on the top bar you will find all of our non-grocery deals — everything from apparel at Old Navy to beauty products at Walgreens and everything in between.

Finally, the “Everything” tab on your home feed will get you, well, ALL. THE. THINGS.

See a deal you like? Tap on it to learn more. You’ll get all the information you need — links to the coupons and where to find them, and a checkbox to add the deal to your list.

Here’s an example of the steps you need to take:

  1. Tap on a post to open
  2. Checkmark product to add to your Shopping List.
  3. If there’s a link to a coupon, as shown in the example above, print the coupon ASAP! Coupons have print limits — print that baby while you can!

Don’t have a printer? It’s all good — we’ll show you how to coupon with just a smartphone. (For real)!


How do I add items to My List?

Keep track of your favorite deals, coupons and tips using “My List.”


When you see a deal you want to save:

  1. Click into the deal from the feed by tapping the image or headline.
  2. Then scroll down to where you see the deal details. Next to the bolded product name, tap the box to add a check mark.
  3. The item has been added to your list!

TIP: Once the item is on your list you don’t need to go back into the feed to find the details. Just open up “my list” and click on the item. You’ll be taken right back to the details so you know how to score the deal.


From the “Home” tab, click “Coupons” in the top right corner.

Search the coupon database by source (Mobile, Printable, or Newspaper). Or tap in the search 🔎 text box at the top to enable filtering and to search by product or brand.

Scroll through the list to find coupons you want to save. Check mark those to add them to your list by tapping the + sign to the right of the coupon details.

Tip: Click into the tips post that you’re interested in by tapping the image or title. In the upper right corner tap the heart to save that post for easy reference later.



How do I remove items from My List?

    1. Navigate to “My List”
    2. Swipe left on the item you wish to remove
    3. Tap “Delete”

How do I delete my entire My List?

    1. Navigate to “My List”
    2. Tap on the gear icon ⚙ in the upper right corner
    3. Select desired action: “Clear List”


How do I delete my expired My List items?

  1. Navigate to “My List”
  2. Tap on the gear icon ⚙ in the upper (R) corner
  3. Select action: “Remove Expired Deals”

Pro Tip: Always pay attention to a coupon’s fine print — it’s your ticket to a smooth experience at checkout. Learn more in 10 Things You Should Know About Coupon Fine Print.


How do I add/remove favorite stores?

  1. Tap on the “Stores” icon in the menu bar
  2. Tap “Favorite Stores”
  3. Stores marked as favorites appear under “My Favorites”‘ with a yellow ⭐
  4. Quickly and easily remove a store from “My Favorites” by tapping on the ⭐ icon
  5. Add a store to “Favorites” by tapping on the desired store widget

Pro Tip: If you’ve never completed a coupon transaction before, be prepared before heading to the register. Bring a copy of the store’s coupon policy, and choose a cashier you know.


How do I view just one store’s deals?

  1. Tap on the “Stores” star icon in the menu bar
  2. Tap “All Stores”
  3. All of the KCL stores are shown in this list
  4. Stores marked as favorites appear with a yellow ⭐
  5. Quickly and easily add or remove a store from “Favorites” by tapping on the ⭐ icon
  6. Tap a store to view its individual feed and coupon policies


How do I view all stores?

  1. Tap on the “Stores” star icon in the menu bar
  2. Tap “All Stores”
  3. All of the KCL stores are shown in this list
  4. Tap a store to view its individual feed and coupon policies



How do I “favorite” an item?

  1. Navigate to a favorite deal, article or Brag and tap to select
  2. Tap on the heart icon in the upper right corner to favorite
  3. The item is added to your “My List” Favorites
  4. View your favorites by visiting “My List,” then select the “Favorites” tab


I added coupons to My List. Now what?

There are three types of coupons: printable, newspaper and digital. In your “My List” section, you can determine which coupons are which by checking whether the coupon link has a printer, newspaper or phone icon next to it.

Printable coupons

All the printable coupons in KCL’s database will be linked. Click on the link to print your free coupon. We’ll also give you a step-by-step on how to print coupons from your phone.

Newspaper coupons

You’ll need to invest in a Sunday newspaper to get coupon inserts (HINT: go to the dollar store.) We make it easy by telling you the date the insert was released right in the deal.


RELATED: A Comprehensive Guide to Sunday Newspaper Coupons.


Digital coupons

Digital or mobile coupons can either be saved directly to a store loyalty account or accessed through a rebate app. Click on the digital coupon link, and we’ll lead you to the source. Here are 7 Things Every Shopper Should Know About Digital Coupons.


How do I email and print my coupons list?

  1. Navigate to “My List,” then “Coupons”
  2. Tap on the ⚙ icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select desired action: “Email List” or “Print List”


How do I share to Facebook, Twitter or via text message?

  1. Navigate to the desired post in your feed
  2. Tap the post to view the article landing page
  3. Select the desired action using the icons just below the article’s title: Share on Facebook, email, send to a printer or use the share icon to send via text and more


How do I email or print an article?

  1. Navigate to the desired post in your feed
  2. Tap on the post to view details
  3. Select the desired action using the icons: “Email” or “Print article”


How do I change my display name?

  1. Tap on the three-bar menu in the upper left corner
  2. Tap on your username at bottom of the menu
  3. Tap “edit” next to Display Name to change

Note: Your “display name” is the name shown when you post a comment or a Brag.


How do I turn on/off notifications?

  1. Tap on the three-bar menu in the upper left corner
  2. Tap “Notifications”
  3. Tap on the ⚙ icon in the upper right corner
  4. Toggle notifications ON or OFF


What do SS, RMN and PG mean?

SS, RMN and PG are all separate newspaper coupon inserts that come out in the Sunday newspapers :


Why don’t my coupons match yours?

The coupons in weekly inserts vary by region. Many times, inserts from different areas will even have a coupon for the same product, but the value will differ. It’s not guaranteed that your area will have the same coupons.

Try searching one of the online coupon sites like coupons.com or Smartsource if you’re missing a coupon.


Why doesn’t my store’s sales match yours?

Clearance prices and sales often vary from store to store. If you ever have questions, we suggest calling your store ahead of time or visiting their website to view the weekly sales before you make the trip!


What’s a Brag and how do I submit one?

We’re so glad you asked! A Brag is the best way to show off your savings to the rest of KCL’s couponing community. It’s also a great way to let others know about an awesome deal in your area. (Check the Brag section to find out about deals, too!)

Check out this How to Brag on Krazy Coupon Lady for everything you need to know about bragging.


Where are the stock-up symbols?

Don’t know what we mean by “stock up”? We have a whole guide on stock-up prices that might help.

We include a little three-month or six-month stock-up symbol by the final price in all deals where we recommend you buy ahead when the price is low.

A three-month stock-up price means this is a deal worth stocking up on, and we anticipate seeing a price this low again within about three months.

A six-month stock-up price is even lower, and we suggest anticipating your family’s needs for the next six months.


Don’t want to scroll back up to find all the helpful links we mentioned? We don’t blame you. Here ya go: