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Watch for Burger King's $5 Meal Deal Coming This Month

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When it comes to Burger King coupons, we’ve all got questions: How do you get a meal for under $6 at Burger King? How does one choose between French fries and onion rings? How to get a free Burger King Whopper?

If you’re looking for Burger King coupons, savings, and freebies, you’ve come to the right place. We'll answer all your questions and more.

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Current Burger King Deals and Coupons

Burger King $5 Your Way Meal will save you a few bucks (when it launches in June).

To compete with McDonald's $5 value meal coming in June, Burger King recently announced (starting in June) they'll have a $5 value meal on their menu for "several months." The meal will include your choice between three sandwiches, chicken nuggets, fries and a drink. While we don't have specifics yet, you can bet this meal deal will save you a few bucks as they're fighting McD's for your dollars.

More Ways to Save at Burger King

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These deals stick around for longer than a week and not all of them require the Burger King mobile app or a rewards account.

Buy your Whoppers on Wednesdays for up to 58% off.

Every Wednesday is Whopper Wednesday at Burger King. Get an original Whopper sandwich (reg. $6.09) or an Impossible Whopper (reg. $7.09) for just $3, saving you up to 58%. Find the $3 Whopper Wednesday offer in the Burger King app.

Customize a Burger King cheeseburger to create a cheaper Whopper Jr — for 29% less.

You’re looking at around $1 in savings if — instead of ordering a Burger King Whopper Jr. — you order a cheeseburger with:

  • No ketchup

  • No mustard

  • Add mayo

  • Add lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle

It’s just $2.39 at my BK for this hack, as opposed to $3.39 for the Whopper Jr. — that’s $1 (29.4% off). And you did that without Burger King coupons.

Earn free food with the Burger King app and at

a woman holding a cellphone in front of face with burger king app on screen standing in front of burger king

At Burger King, you earn 10 points (“Crowns”) for every $1 you spend via their app and website. The Crowns can be redeemed for Burger King coupons that cover a pretty massive chunk of the menu.

  • 250 Crowns will get you free $1.10-$2.19 food items: Cheeseburger, 4 pc Nuggets, Value Fries, Small Frozen Coke, Soft Serve Cone

  • 400 Crowns will get you free $1.99-$3.39 food items: Bacon Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, 8 pc Nuggets, Medium Coffee, Whopper Jr., Hershey’s Sundae Pie

  • 550 Crowns will get you free $2.29-$3.89 food items: Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Double Bacon Cheeseburger, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich, Large Iced Vanilla Coffee, Whopper Jr. with Cheese, Large Soft Drink

  • 750 Crowns will get you free $3.39-$6.09 food items: Whopper, Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit, 9 pc Chicken Fries, 8 pc Mozzarella Sticks, Oreo Cookie Shake

  • 1,000 Crowns will get you free $4.69-$7.09 food items: Big Fish, Egg-Normous Burrito, Double Sausage Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich, Fully Loaded Croissan’wich, Impossible Whopper, Original Chicken Sandwich

  • 1,400 Crowns will get you free $7.29-$8.69 food items: Double Whopper, Bacon King

As soon as you sign up for BK Royal Perks through the app, you get 500 crowns — which will get you TWO of the 250-Crown items! And during your birthday month, every order earns double the points.

Spend 250 Burger King Crowns at a time to get the best value from your freebies.

Burger King freebies cost a set number of Crowns in six different tiers, but they’re not all created equal.

When you spend $25 at Burger King, you get 250 Crowns, and that will get you up to $2.19 in free food. That 8.7% value-back reward is the highest of the six different freebie categories. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • You spend $25 to get a menu item worth up to $2.19 (8.7% back)

  • You spend $40 to get a menu item worth up to $3.39 (8.4% back)

  • You spend $55 to get a menu item worth up to $3.89 (7% back)

  • You spend $75 to get a menu item worth up to $6.09 (8.1% back)

  • You spend $100 to get a menu item worth up to $7.09 (7% back)

  • You spend $140 to get a menu item worth up to $8.69 (6.2% back)

Take the Burger King survey on your receipt to get a free Whopper or Original Chicken Sandwich.

a burger king receipt being held up in front of kids crown

You’ll want to hold on to your Burger King receipt. There’s a survey code on it, which you’ll input at with some information about your visit.

You’ll be rewarded with Burger King coupons for a free Whopper or an Original Chicken Sandwich when you purchase fries and a drink.

So basically, your receipt is worth:

  • $6.09 for a free Whopper

  • $5.39 for a free Original Chicken Sandwich

Get the Whopper Jr. Duo for $5 instead of two Whopper Jr. to save 26%.

Save $1.78 or 26.3% when you by a Whopper Jr. duo for $5 versus two single Whopper Jr. for $3.39 each.

Order a value-sized drink to save $1 (with free refills).

Dining in? Skip ordering the large size ($2.59) Burger King drinks, and go for the value size instead. You can refill it as much as you’d like and only pay $1.59.

Going through the drive-thru? Order your drink with no ice or light ice to get more beverage and less filler.

Get a 10-lb bag of Burger King ice for only $1.

Bet you didn’t know Burger King will sell you a massive 10-lb bag of ice for just $0.99.

Compare that to a 10-lb bag of ice at 7-Eleven, which is anywhere from $2.50 to $4, depending on your location.

Go with Have-sies if you can’t pick between fries or onion rings.

burger king frings a mix of fries and onion rings being held up inside burger king

When you order Have-sies at your local BK, you’ll be getting both Burger King fries and onion rings in one container for the same $3.29 price as an order of fries or onion rings separately.

Almost all customizations are free (only meat, cheese, and tomatoes cost).

BK says “Be Your Way,” and they mean it; modifying your order is pretty cheap because they only charge extra for meat ($1.00/patty), cheese ($0.30/slice), tomatoes ($0.30/slice), and bacon ($0.80/four slices). Plus, you can add extra onions and pickles for free.

Better yet — you’ll get a fresher sandwich (not pre-made).

Add a side of bacon to anything — ANYTHING — for $0.80.

burger king burger on table with extra bacon near fries and drink

You can order Burger King fries with a side of bacon, or you can order all the Burger King desserts with a side of bacon for savory contrast.

You can even order a Burger King milkshake with a side of bacon. No one will question you. I ordered mine as a side with a large drink. They gave me four half-strips in a salad container.

Try the Burger King superstar: The Rodeo Burger.

Burger from Burger King

The Rodeo Burger is one of the most popular options on the BK menu. For the price of a regular hamburger ($1.99) you can get the Rodeo Burger for the same price (hamburger patty, topped with BBQ sauce and onion rings).

Go with the combo meals and save about $1.

a meal with ice cream from burger king

If you're looking for an entire meal combo meals are the cheaper way to go. For example

  • Whopper Meal Medium, $10.59

  • Separately, $11.67 (Whopper $6.09, med. fries $3.29, med. soft drink $2.29)

Savings: $1.08

  • Bacon King Meal, $13.99

  • Separately, $14.97 (Bacon King $8.69, lg. fries $3.69, lg. soft drink $2.59)

Savings: $0.98

Use a discounted Burger King gift card to save even more.

One of the best reasons to get a Target Circle Card is to receive a 5% discount on every purchase, including Burger King gift cards. That’s an automatic 5% off on every Burger King purchase you make.

If you don’t have a Target Circle Card, check out places like Although Burger King gift cards are going for 3.3% off, every little bit helps, and the discounts are changing all the time.

Tip: Check out the Dining Discount Pass from to get Burger King coupons like BOGO Big Fish Sandwiches (reg. $3.99).

Get your Burger King delivery from Grubhub for the cheapest delivery fee.

a burger king meal sitting on a front porch

We checked different Burger King delivery locations, and we’ve found that Grubhub consistently has the cheapest delivery fee:

  • Uber Eats: $4.99

  • DoorDash: $3.99

  • Grubhub: $3.49

Of course, you should always brush up on our Uber Eats hacks, DoorDash hacks, and Grubhub hacks before ordering from a third-party delivery service.

Become a Burger King employee to get discounted or free food during your shift.

a large outside burger king sign with hiring all shifts sign

According to the reviews of current and former Burger King employees, getting free or discounted food is one of the perks of the job — but the size of that discount depends on your location.

While some employees report free meals after 4 hours of work or 50% off meals during a shift, others have signaled a much smaller 15% discount. Either way, the food’s cheaper!

Tip: The Burger King senior discount and military discount will get you 10% off your food when you show your ID. They don’t have any discounts for students or teachers, but we know all the student discounts, teacher discounts, military discounts, and senior discounts you can use everyday.

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