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11 Surprising Reasons to Use Checkout 51 (Free Bananas Included)

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Checkout 51 is one of the best rebate apps out there. Use it to save money on groceries (think cereal, produce, milk, and drinks), by snapping a pic of your receipt and earning cash back for qualifying purchases.

1. You won’t hold up the checkout line.

target checkout

Say goodbye to wads of paper coupons cluttering your purse, and farewell to holding up the checkout line. With Checkout 51 you save money after you shop. These offers are actually digital rebates! You don’t need to scan any bar codes or fill out rebate forms either. With Checkout 51, it’s simple. Use the app to take a pic of your receipt, showing that you bought the items, and then watch your dollars add up. Yes, it’s. that. simple.


2. You don’t need a smartphone. Download Checkout 51 on your computer!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.16.24 PM

No smartphone? No problem. Checkout 51’s made sure that no smartphone is required for their app. You can do it all from your computer. All the same process. Upload the app, take a pic of your receipt, and upload it on your computer. And you’re done. How easy is that?!

3. Checkout 51 works on all your devices (which means more rebates)!


Checkout 51’s offers are one per device, not one per person. It’s true that you can only use the receipt once, and that most offers are limited to one item. BUT…let’s say there’s a deal on baby wipes, and you want to stock up. Consider two transactions in that checkout line. Two transactions equals two separate receipts. You can take those receipts home, and have your hubby scan one on his device while you scan the other. Ta-da! You just got yourself two rebates. Does your daughter have the app on her phone?? Now you’re thinking!

4. It’s easy to see your overall savings.


Checkout 51 is like an automatic savings account—you need to reach $20 before you’re able to cash out. With some rebate apps, you can cash out immediately, but I like to accumulate my savings. Saving up for that $20 cashout is a great way to see the actual fruits of my “couponing labor.” When you’re ready to cash out, just go to your account page on the app (tap the icon in the top left corner), click the “Cash Out” button, and your check is mailed!


5. You can stack coupons with Checkout 51. HECK YES!

life cereal

Let’s say you already have an amazing dollar coupon from TheKrazyCouponLady.com for some Life cereal (and your five-year-old loves Life, right?), plus Checkout 51 also has a dollar-off rebate offer. Well, you’re about to get a box of Life for two dollars off the original price. Even though your receipt shows your paper coupon savings, Checkout 51 will still give you an additional rebate.

Note: Be aware that some Checkout 51 offers now state that they cannot be combined with coupons (like offers for Crest and Venus).

6. Checkout 51 can be combined with other rebate app offers for even more cash back.


Are you already using Ibotta? Snap? Mobisave? Shrink, or Shopmium? These are all great rebate apps and are full of deals for savvy shoppers. Some weeks, these apps might even have the same deal! They all work with an uploaded receipt. Are you catching on? Stack away! If that dollar off a Glade candle is offered on Ibotta, Snap, and Checkout 51, you might be getting close to getting that candle for free! In fact, you may even make money!

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7. Get bananas and other staples for FREE.


Keyword: FREE. Each week, Checkout 51 has a ‘Choose Your Own’ offer that lets you take 25-50 cents off. And it’s usually 25 or 50 cents off produce of any kind…I mean, any brand or price. So how much is a banana? Surely you could snag a couple for free. Bread, milk, and a bunch of other produce options are also included in the ‘Choose Your Own’ offer option.

8. Checkout 51 can be used online (hello Amazon!) and at warehouse clubs.

Costco nature valley crunchy

Your Amazon grocery purchases are eligible for Checkout 51 rebates! Shop at Costco or Sam’s Club? Your purchase is good to go too! Shopping from the comfort of your couch is awesome with this app. As far as scanning a receipt from Amazon or other online stores, save your packing slip.

9. Shopping for new deals on Thursdays makes weekend shopping trips super easy.


Checkout 51 deals begin on Thursday morning and last for one week. What better way to prep for that Saturday shopping excursion than browsing new deals on Thursday and Friday? Just remember, Checkout 51 does have a limited supply on some of their deals, so it’s best to upload your receipt the same day you purchase—just to be safe. Keep in mind not all deals will last the whole week.

10. Checkout 51 works in the U.S.A. and Canada.


Not every couponing app works in two countries (even if they are next door to each other). But Checkout 51 has Canadians covered! They even accept receipts in French. Good news, eh? Oui.

11. Checkout 51 can be used with food stamps.



Hey, it works. Checkout 51 makes it work, which means you can get cash back on a purchase made with food stamps. All you need is an uploaded photo of your receipt. It doesn’t matter how you paid for your food. Your cash back is your cash back.

Quick facts:

  • No action is needed prior to purchase—no unlocking or saving of the deal beforehand. (For the ‘Any Brand’ produce offers discussed above, you do have to select which produce offer you want before uploading your receipt—but you don’t have to do this before you shop.)
  • 80% of receipts are processed within an hour. Make sure the pic is clear and that the whole receipt is uploaded to eliminate processing issues. Longer receipts will need more than one photo.
  • Checkout 51 makes their money by partnering with different brands. Each deal/offer has different limits. Read the fine print on limits and expiration.



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