Early last year, Rite Aid changed their rewards program from +UP and Wellness+ to Wellness+ with Plenti Points.


And all the couponing world went…


I’ll be honest. I took a short hiatus from Rite Aid.


But a few months ago, this started happening on KCL.


And I knew it was time to come back.


STEP 1. Sign up for the PLENTI POINTS CARD.

Sign up for your Plenti card in the store. You can do it online, but then you’ll have to wait for your card to come in the mail. Head to the store with your coupons, and your cashier will gladly give you a new card, which you can use to earn points immediately. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to redeem points until you complete the sign-up process online.


STEP 2. LINK YOUR CARD online with Macy’s, AT&T and Exxon.

While you’re at Plenti.com taking care of your activation, check out the exclusive offers housed there, especially in the household section. I just activated a “Spend $30 on P&G products, earn 1,000 points” offer last week.

STEP 3. Stack coupons with points promotions.

Find coupons that “stack” with in-store sales and Plenti Points promotions on TheKrazyCouponLady Rite Aid page. Download the free Krazy Coupon Lady app on iOS and Android.


STEP 4. Roll points at Rite Aid.

Points you earn today can’t be redeemed until the next day at 6 AM. But, if you have points from some shopping you did, say, last week, you can redeem those points today and still earn new points.


STEP 5. Enjoy increased flexibility now that Plenti Points don’t expire for two years.

The best thing about the new shift from +UP Rewards to Plenti Points is that you have two years to use your points instead of two weeks. Now I can take another hiatus without having my points expire. Peace out.


STEP 6. Use up to 3 coupons on one item.

Many grocery stores allow you to use two coupons per item (one manufacturer coupon plus one store coupon), but Rite Aid lets you use three! Look for peelie coupons on products in the store! These “valuable coupons” can be used with a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon for a triple stack!

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STEP 7. Learn how to get stuff for free at Rite Aid.

While Rite Aid doesn’t give traditional “overage,” meaning, they will (or should) never pull money out of the register and hand it to you at the end of a transaction, you can find “moneymakers” at Rite Aid every week! When we publish a “moneymaker” on KCL, those are deals where the points you earn exceed the value of the total purchase.

See the Curad bandages moneymaker featured in this video.

STEP 8. Load coupons while you shop with the RITE AID APP.

Couponing is easier than ever before thanks to two free apps: the Krazy Coupon Lady app and the Rite Aid Pharmacy app. Drop by your local Rite Aid (with no preparation beforehand), pull up deals on the KCL app, and load coupons directly to your Plenti Points card through the Rite Aid app.


STEP 9. Keep in mind you’re earning one Wellness+ Point for every dollar you spend BEFORE COUPONS.

Let’s say you ring up $24 worth of product and then you redeem $14 worth of coupons and submit $6 in rebates. You’re going to get 24 points, even though you only paid $14 and were rebated $6. Once you earn 1,000 Wellness+ Points, you’ll automatically receive 20% off everything in the store!


STEP 10. Redeem your points at checkout then hand over coupons

Look to the pin pad at checkout to redeem your points. Selecting “use points” will automatically redeem the maximum amount of points. Selecting “no thanks” won’t prompt any automatic point redemption. But, I like to select “no thanks” and then talk to my cashier and ask that they manually redeem a specific amount—say $10 instead of my full $36.02.


STEP 11. Earn points across multiple transactions.

Rite Aid tracks Plenti Points promotions with your Plenti card, so you don’t have to buy everything in one transaction. Take a “spend $30, get 1,000 points” promo as an example. Spend $10 on Monday and $20 on Thursday and earn the 1,000 points.


STEP 12. Brag about your 90% savings on KCL!

We wanna see if you can beat our haul. We scored $24 worth of stuff for $3.49!


Watch our video to learn how to coupon at Rite Aid!

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