Needing to keep up with the World Wide Web? Wanting to surf the net and explore the far reaches of cyberspace?

Everyone’s stuck inside, so if you’re done using your carphone to connect to the Web, and would like to connect your IBM compatible personal computer to the internet, read on for the best deals in networked technology:


1. Zoom 14.4kbps data/fax modem: $7.95 via Walmart

If you long for simpler days, when 14.4 kb per second was all you needed on the internet, Zoom has you covered.

Just open up your computer tower, follow the simple installation instructions, connect the modem to your phone jack, dial into your preferred network (we love the $20/month AOL dial-up subscription), and, after about 90 seconds, you’re online! You’ll be downloading mp3s one song at a time, 5 minutes each, in no time.

At $7.95, you’ll want to stock up and save these for graduation and wedding gifts.


2. Zoom 56Kx 2949 Fax Modem: $80.99 via Target

Via Target

Need something a little faster? Pick up the top-of-the-line dialup external modem for the incredible price of $80.99. It includes a call-waiting feature, lightning protection, and videophone-ready infrastructure. Sick of USB? This modem plugs into the serial port of a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux-based desktop computer.


3. USRobotics Fax Modem: $124.99 via CDW


The most expensive option here is still a good deal at a sensible $124.99. The convenience and compact technology of a modem is scaled down into a USB dongle-type device, making electronic mail, message boards, and Netscape Navigator browsing a snap.


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April Fools! These are not great deals.

Although there are millions of people who still rely on dial-up internet to send email and check the news, there are cheaper options than buying one of these overpriced modems to go with a landline and a dial-up internet provider. If you know somebody still modeming-in, point them to some good rural broadband options, and make sure they know if they’re still paying for an AOL dial-up account — more than 2.5 million people still are (and most don’t know it).


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Top 3 Best Dial-Up Internet Modem Deals 2020