Growing up, I used to be so envious of women with long, elegant nails. I would always wonder how they grew their nails so long without breaking them. My own nails seemed to come out consistently thin and weirdly uneven. Biotin barely helped in strengthening them. It wasn’t until recently that I found out a little secret that has since changed my beauty world. Now I can be one of those women who has impressive manicures with refined, even nails!. Instead of filing down your hard-grown nails when they break or peel, take a tea bag and use the paper to patch up cracks. Follow these simple steps to mend broken nails:

1. Take a tea bag and empty its contents.

2. Cut a small, rectangular section that fits the size of the crack. Don’t cover more than half of your nail, otherwise it’s difficult to blend with its natural texture.

3. Apply a base coat to your injured nail, then set the tea bag paper over the crack and smooth down as best as you can.

4. After first application of base coat dries, apply a second layer to seal. Like magic, the paper will become transparent.

5. Dry completely and file off paper from tips. Gently file and buff the top of your mended nail to blend texture.

6. Give yourself a manicure using your favorite nail polish and rock it!

Save Your Broken Nail with a Tea Bag