After a long day at work, I used to always dread checking my mail. After all, the only thing I would usually find in my mailbox was a big stack of bills! However, now I make a beeline straight to the mailbox because I know that I might have some new freebies waiting for me! Although I often follow brands’ Facebook pages in the hopes of scoring free samples, I recently discovered a new way to have freebies sent straight to your door with PinchMe!

What is PinchMe?

PinchMe is a new site that offers consumers free samples in exchange for opinions. PinchMe, which started in Australia and has recently come to the U.S, allows users to try out new products. In return, users are required to fill out a short survey for each item letting them know what they thought about the product!

How does it work?

The logistics behind PinchMe are very simple. Simply log in, choose products from the ones that are currently available, and have them delivered to your home or work for free! Once you’ve received the item, you’ll need to log in within 7 days and complete a short survey. Products change every few weeks, and the homepage typically displays the date when new samples will be available. Be sure to mark that date on your calendar because the supplies of each sample are limited and they can go quickly!

What types of products can you receive?

Products vary each month but they can include everything from food and beverages to health and beauty items and even treats for your four-legged friend! Past products have included Honey Bunches of Oats Greek Yogurt, Lady Gaga’s Fame Fragrance, Mr. Bubble 3in1, Wild Ophelia Chocolate and many others.

How long do the surveys take?

If you’re worried that you may have to sit through a 30-minute questionnaire in exchange for the free samples that you receive, no need to worry! The surveys are all short and simple. In fact, they’re usually only about 5 questions long and just take a few minutes to complete!

Does it cost anything to join PinchMe?

No. PinchMe is free to join and users are encouraged to invite friends to join, as well!

How do I get started?

To get started, you’ll need to sign up at Once you’ve registered, you can say goodbye to the days of dreading the mailman’s arrival and start pinchin’!


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