The true mark from childhood to adulthood: when you stop asking for toys for Christmas and start asking for gift cards. This week, do some one-stop shopping at Toys R Us and cross everyone off your holiday gift list. Now through 12/8, Toys R Us stores are offering 10% off gift cards. This includes prepaid mobile carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, restaurants like Applebee’s and Subway, even Amazon Kindle (which can be used on Merchant-specific gift cards are not taxed, so this is like getting free money!

Gift card selection varies by store. The recent $10 for $20 Toys R Us Groupon cannot be used to purchase this item, though it is reported that Toys R Us gift cards may be used to purchase other merchant gift cards (policies may vary by store).

This should be in all newspaper ads today. Here is a screenshot of the online ad:



Smokin' Hot: 10% off All Gift Cards Including Amazon and T-Mobile!