Although I prefer to do most of my shopping at brick and mortar stores, there is one online retailer where I seem to spend a large portion of my income. Of course, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite mega-retailer—Amazon! With deals on everything from groceries and gourmet foods to televisions and toys, what’s not to love? But there is actually even more to love about Amazon than you may realize! Here are four little-known shopping secrets when it comes to shopping on Amazon.

1. Student discount

Although most college student are aware of the fact that Amazon offers students a 6-month Prime membership for free, many don’t realize the additional perks that Amazon has for students. The biggest perk? Once that free Prime membership runs out, students are actually able to purchase a full year of Prime at 50% off—that’s a $99 value for just $49! Students can also rack up some serious credit just by referring other students to the Amazon Student program. In fact, Amazon pays out $10 for every referral! In addition to a Prime membership for $49 and referral credits, those who join Amazon Student also receive exclusive offers and promotions and are eligible for exclusive contests and giveaways. In fact, Amazon Student just recently gave one lucky scholar a whopping $30,000!

2. Flow

If you’re lucky enough to own an Apple or Android phone, you may be surprised to know that you can actually purchase products on Amazon by just snapping pictures of them! With Amazon’s new Flow app, currently available on the Apple and Android app store, you can do just that! See a product that you like or want to price check? Simply open up the app, choose "search" and you will see the "flow" option. Once you select it, snap a photo of the product (no barcodes necessary) and watch the picture light up with twinkling lights. The lights, which are actually analyzing the product to find a match, are pretty cool to watch on their own! Once the product is found, it’s added to your history, making it easy to find at a later date.

3. Amazon Smile

As much as I love shopping, I love being able to give back to my community, so what’s better than giving back while shopping?! Next time you decide to order a few items from Amazon, shop through their Smile site, where .05% of all your purchases will be donated to the charity of your choice. In fact, over one million charities participate in Amazon’s Smile program, including The Wounded Warrior Program, St. Judes, The American Red Cross and thousands of smaller organizations such as local Humane Societies and Habitat for Humanity chapters. If you’re wondering what differences you’ll see between the regular Amazon site and the Smile site, the answer is simple—none! You’ll find the same prices, the same selection, and get the same shopping experience all with the added bonus of a portion of your sale going to your favorite charity.

4. Warehouse Deals

If you love digging for deals, you’ll love Amazon’s Warehouse Deals. This is where you’ll find deep discounts on merchandise that has been returned, damaged in the warehouse, used or refurbished. Some of the items that you may find in the Warehouse Deals are DVDs with crushed boxes, TVs with small scratches on the housing, books with water damage and items with ripped boxes. However, if you can look past these small imperfections, you could be finding yourself saving some serious bucks! In the past I’ve seen items such as Dell laptops, which retail for close to $1000, listed at $595; Rebecca Minkoff handbags, which retail for $295, for $103; and even $30 video games, such as Halo, for as little as $15! And if you’re worried about how happy you’ll be with these products, don’t be—all Warehouse Deal items are still covered by Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee and can be returned for any reason.

4 Little-Known Tips for Shopping on Amazon