Check the aisle endcaps for board game clearance at Target.

In stores only, I found games up to 70% off the regular price. These might be mixed in the shelves with regular-priced games as well, depending on the Target store you shop at.

To see what items are discounted near you, enter your zip code and the DPCI number into BrickSeek inventory tracker. Don’t want to miss out on any Target and Walmart deals before you hit the store? Check out why BrickSeek is one of our favorite clearance couponing tools.

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Spy Code Mission: Diamond Heist Game $4.99 (reg. $9.99) – DPCI# 087-10-0004

Cone of Shame The Game $5.99 (reg. $19.99) – DPCI# 087-10-8081

Yogarrr! Family Pirate Yoga Party Board Game $5.99 (reg. $19.99) – DPCI# 087-10-7422

Monopoly House Divided Board Game $6.14 (reg. $20.49) – DPCI# 087-10-3744

Hot Words Game $9.99 (reg. $19.99) – DPCI# 087-10-8255

DC Comics Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons Board Game $10.49 (reg. $34.99) – 087-10-9565

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