Do you have a kid who can’t get enough stuffed animals? Need a gift for your niece or nephew? Sign them up for a Cubscription. Cubscription is a quarterly subscription box by Build-A-Bear. These boxes combine the fun of a Build-A-Bear experience with the affordability parents crave.

Delivered four times a year, each shipment contains a stuffed animal as well as six to eight exclusive Build-A-Bear items. Inside the boxes is a custom-made assortment of clothes and accessories for both you and your new furry friend.

This coming quarter’s box’s theme is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Build-A-Bear isn’t spilling any secrets as to what’s inside the coming box, but I feel some hippie and ’70s vibes coming.

There are two different subscription options. Sign up for one quarter for $29.99 plus shipping. Or, sign up for four quarters for $26.99 per box plus shipping. Shipping and handling costs depend on your location.

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