If you’re a Krazy Coupon Lady, you already know that dental floss is one of those items you can get for free (or very cheap) all the time. In fact, I probably have close to 20 packs of floss in my bathroom drawer at any given time! Besides being a necessity for my teeth, there are a lot of household uses for this dental-hygiene staple. From hanging photos to saving stuck-on cookies, dental floss has incredible strength that makes it one amazing tool. Here are eight cool and unexpected uses for dental floss:

1. Support climbing plants

I love climbing plants like honeysuckle, roses and ivy, but sometimes these types of plants need a little support. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a special support system, why not use something that you already have? That’s right—dental floss! Simply tie the floss in a ladder pattern to create your own simple trellis. If you already have a trellis or pergola, simply use small amounts of the floss to tie the plant onto the support.

2. Hang things around the house

If you’ve ever tried to pull a piece of floss out of the box without using the cutter, you know just how strong it is. That’s because dental floss is made with nylon or Teflon fibers, which makes it much more durable than string or thread. This makes floss a perfect alternative to wire or string when hanging pictures and other items around the house. I used floss to hang a wind chime, and it worked perfectly! Floss also works great around the holidays for hanging ornaments, wreaths and garland. In fact, the mint green is green enough that it is typically masked by the green foliage.

3. Remove sticky photos from albums

Dental floss is not only resilient, but it is made to fit into very narrow spaces. This makes it perfect for sliding under items like stuck-on photos. To remove photos from a photo album or separate two that are stuck together, simply hold a piece of floss taut and gently slip it under the photo. Using a gentle back and forth motion, continue to slide the floss under the photo, and it should come off clean and without any damage.

4. Quiet a dripping faucet

A dripping faucet is one of those annoyances that tops nearly everyone’s list of pet peeves. To remedy this nuisance, simply tie a piece of floss around the spout and let it hang down into the sink. The drips will quietly slide down the floss and into the basin, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.

5. Emergency shoelace replacement

If you’ve ever been out and about and had a shoelace break, you know that it becomes difficult to continue on your trek. This is another moment when dental floss can be a surprisingly efficient stand-in. The immense strength of dental floss will be able to hold your shoe together, at least until you are able to find a suitable replacement. Although you may be worried that other people will mock your fashion faux pas, at least you’ll be able to walk home without dragging one foot!

6. Cut a cake

It can be extremely frustrating finding yourself in front of a cake without a knife, but dental floss can be a very effective substitute. Simply wrap each end of a piece of floss around one finger on each hand, pull it taut, and you’ve got yourself an impromptu knife. When I tried this I was very surprised to see just how cleanly it cut the cake. However, this trick doesn’t just work on cake! It can be used on cheese, soft fruits and even breads. Next time you decide to take a spontaneous picnic and find yourself without a knife, whip that dental floss out of your purse and watch as everyone oohs and ahhs over your cleverness!

7. Clean furniture

Many pieces of furniture have molding and other decorative touches that are narrow and hard to clean. In the past, I’ve tried to dig the dirt out of these spots using a toothpick or small screwdriver, but neither ever worked very well. However, you can actually clean these slender spots using floss. To clean these tiny spaces, simply use the floss as you would between your teeth, and floss away at the dust and dirt!

8. Save those burnt-on cookies

I hate it when I spend time baking cookies only to find that they won’t come off of the cookie sheet after they come out of the oven. I used to just jab at them with a spatula until they finally came up, but that usually leaves them in a crumbled mess. Instead, try gliding a piece of floss between the cookie and the cookie sheet, and the they’ll come off cleanly. Just remember to use an unflavored floss for this trick or those chocolate chip cookies just may become mint chocolate chip instead!

8 Unexpected Uses for Dental Floss