You’ve just finished talking to your best friend for over an hour and pull your cell phone away from your powdered cheek. What you automatically see as you hit the “End” button is a spiral, cosmic-like smudge on your cell’s screen. Makeup and oil—maybe even sweat—has now formed a residue of bacteria you would rather not have on your communication device. And then you start thinking about all that you’ve touched throughout the day. Public restroom doors, shopping cart handles and even your son’s runny nose are just a few surfaces you’re able to come up with in the split second that you also start realizing how often your dirtied fingertips have also tapped your cell’s screen. Wiping your phone on your shirt sleeve will only do so much, so now you have to go the rest of the day dealing with the fact there’s now a layer of foreign germs hanging out on your face.

I suggest wiping your phone down with rubbing alcohol, the inexpensive version of fancy cell phone screen-cleaning solutions. All you need is a little piece of soft cloth (I use my husband’s old, white undershirts) or cotton swab and a drop of rubbing alcohol. Warning: do not saturate your cleaning cloth with alcohol unless you’re giving yourself an excuse for a new phone—just a quick dampening will do.Wipe, wipe, ahhhh…and your phone is again disinfected and smudge-free.


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