If you are looking to add a little autumn charm to your holiday table, now is certainly the time! Even if your decorating budget is a tad haunting, have no fear! We have whipped up a spooky concoction of autumnal centerpieces that will add some charm to your table without frightening your budget.

Check out these simple DIY centerpieces to add some holiday flare at the table. Put them together using some items likely already available around the house. Even beginner crafters will find these are a cinch to do, so no blood curdling screams are required!

Pumpkin Treasure Trove

Ditch the boring plastic serving bowl and offer your guests candy from a decorative pumpkin instead!


  • Foam craft pumpkin (Called Funkins, available at Michaels craft stores for $12.99 each. Make sure to take the 40% off coupon from the Sunday paper or online to reduce the cost to $7.80.)
  • Hot glue (Sticks are $4.99 per package at Hobby Lobby, but be sure to use your 40% coupons for reduced price.)
  • Rick rack (Less than $2 per package at most craft stores.)
  • Embellishments and optional stick on letters
  • Knife

To create this pumpkin bowl, simply take a knife and cut off the top half of a foam pumpkin. Use the glue to add rick rack trim and other embellishments such as glitter, decals, or even words such as “BOO.” Retain the top of the pumpkin to use as a bowl cover or discard. When the season is over, just place in a plastic shopping bag and store.

Mummy Head Votive Holders

Add some spook to a tabletop with these mummy head votive holders!


  • Balloon (10-pack is available for $1 at Dollar Tree and Dollar General; color does not matter here.)
  • Non-stick cooking spray (Less than $2 at local grocer.)
  • Plaster cloth (We used Rigid Wrap; Walmart sells this for $6.19 in the crafting section.)
  • Battery-operated votive candle (2/$1 at Dollar Tree.)
To make the votive holders, just blow up the balloon to the desired size. Spray non-stick cooking spray on balloon and wipe off the excess. Then, cut the plaster cloth into 1-inch-wide strips. Dip a strip in a bowl of warm water and smooth the surface with your fingers until it feels creamy and the plaster is activated. Apply the strips to the balloon in a crisscross pattern, overlapping them but leaving areas of the balloon uncovered. Let it dry well. Pop the balloon and remove it from inside the mummy head. Cut an opening in the bottom of the head to accommodate a battery-operated votive candle. NOTE: You should only use battery operated votives with this project. It is a fire hazard to use a real flame with these!


Fall Foliage Centerpieces

Bring the beauty of the outside indoors by creating these fall foliage centerpieces.


  • Various branches (Free!)
  • Fresh leaves or leaf pictures (Free! Just use pictures from magazines.)
  • Decoupage glue (Mod Podge is less than $5 at Hobby Lobby; be sure to use a 40% off coupon for greater discount.)
  • Flower pot
  • Florists foam (Less than $2 per package at Walmart and most craft stores.)
  • String
  • Card stock cards (Sheets of card stock are $0.59 each at Michaels and Hobby Lobby)

Arrange twigs and branches found from the yard or a florist’s shop in a medium-sized decorative pot. Press the twigs or branches into florist’s foam or rocks and cover the top with moss to hold them in place. Decoupage color copies of gathered leaves (optional: use fresh leaves, although they will not last until the following season) onto small paper cards, and tie the cards to the branches like ornaments. This piece is perfect to set at an entryway buffet or right on the center of the dinner table.

Whether you are looking for something fun or sophisticated, these three projects offer just what you need to add some fall flare to your household. All three would be fun to do with children or during a crafting night with the gals! They won’t break the bank, and the finished results will last until the following year when you can use them all over again. There is nothing scary about that! Happy crafting!

Thank you, Better Homes and Gardens!

Fancy Fall Tables: DIY Table Decor