This delightful dish can be made to eat as a side, a dessert or both!  Be sure to grab this coupon to save on yogurt: $0.50/1 – Mountain High Yogurt, 32 oz – ( 

Berry Cheesecake Bliss

1 – 32 oz tub vanilla yogurt
1 tub cool whip
1 small package cheesecake pudding mix
1 – 16 oz bag frozen mixed berries

1. Set frozen berries on counter for an hour to defrost. They do not need to be fully defrosted. Just enough to be able to stir and break apart.

2. Pour berries in large bowl. Add the cool whip and yogurt. Sprinkle pudding mix over and stir.  Allow to chill for an hour before serving.

*Can also use whipped cream in place of the cool whip. Just whip up a pint of whipping cream and add two tablespoons of sugar.

Smooth and Sweet Berry Cheesecake Bliss