I’ve been couponing for quite a while and only recently explored the possibility of purchasing coupons from a reputable site. I really thought that the only reason people ordered coupons online was because they needed twenty for a sale. I personally have never needed twenty of the same coupon at a time; four is about my max. However, I was reading a favorite blog this past weekend and saw a link for a coupon-purchasing website and clicked on it. To my surprise, I found a very reasonable site that promised a 2-day delivery. I went through the newly added coupons and found some for items that I regularly use, but hadn’t received in my circular over the past two weeks. Remember, coupons are regional, so even though you see a deal listed on KCL, you may not have the coupon because of where you live.
Here’s what you need to know about coupon clipping websites:
  • It’s illegal to make money from selling coupons, but not illegal to pay for clipping services.
  • Read customer reviews to make sure that you have selected a reputable service.
  • Note the fine print that shows the expiration dates to make sure that the coupon doesn’t expire before you receive it!

1. Anticipate a sale

I typically get about three of the same coupons each week through networking with friends and family. Sometimes the deals listed on KCL may show that you need four coupons. In this case, I have to let these deals go because I don’t have enough coupons. However, if I order them through a clipping service, I’ll finally have enough on hand for those great deals I’ve been missing. Suppose, for example, that my stockpile is low on toilet paper. My couponing priority will then be to stock up when an expected sale comes around. Having the necessary coupons to complete the deal will save me more money!

2. Get coupons not locally available

KCL is great at listing anticipated sales for the upcoming week so we can begin planning our shopping trips. Use a clipping service if you don’t receive certain coupons in the Sunday circular. Plan to order on Sunday to have the coupons by Wednesday. This allows you several days to still take advantage of the week’s sales. One coupon I never get in my area is for Bic razors. I miss these sales every time, so they’re on my list to order from a reputable coupon clipping site.

3. If you have difficulty printing

I use two printers for couponing—one’s at home and the other is at work. I have an issue with Java on one of the printers, and that limits my prints. An alternative to printing is to order the coupons online. A factor to think about is how much you spend on paper and printing. If the cost is more than your budget allows, is a clipping service a better option for you?

4. For your favorite products

If you buy Keebler multi-grain mini crackers every two weeks, chances are that you need a coupon for that particular product. Order what you need in advance to cover your routine purchases. My new goal is to experiment with a clipping coupon service and determine if the service benefits me. I rarely get the coupons for chewing gum which I keep on hand at work, so they’re on a priority list for me!

5. Determine reliability

When you order online, the possibility of not receiving your coupons in time for a deal exists. So, if you know a sale is in the future, prepare for it. Don’t be upset if you miss a sale because your coupons didn’t arrive. The clipping service I used allowed me to pay with PayPal, which is always a  benefit to me because I refuse to use  my credit card to pay for a service I’m not familiar with.

6. CouponDede.com

I received my coupons yesterday from CouponDede. The website promised a 2-day delivery, but I received my order in four days. This was something I had anticipated since this was my first time using a coupon clipping service. The coupons appeared to be cut with a paper cutter and I received an invoice along with the order. Overall, I’m pleased with the service and plan to use it again for coupons that aren’t readily available in my area. However, this won’t replace my usual routine of getting coupons from my network of friends and family because that’s always free!
This is a guest post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC. 
6 Tips for Purchasing Coupons Online