So, you’ve binge-watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series Tidying Up. I have, too. Plus, you feel spring fever creeping in and you’re ready to get your house into shape.

But before you head to Target and overspend on all the cleaning things, check out these ways to save using coupons and store promotions so you can shop smarter!


1. Find Lysol Wipes deals at drugstores like Walgreens once a month.

There’s really not a bad time of year to buy Lysol Wipes because we see deals on average once a month.

Most of these deals are at drugstores — Walgreens is the biggest player, but also there’s a deal or two at Rite Aid and even Walmart.

Combine coupons like $0.50/1 Lysol Wipes from (or Sunday newspaper inserts) with a BOGO Free Balance Rewards promotion or a similar deal, and you can get Lysol wipes for stock-up prices.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Lysol Wipes: $0.23 per wipe


2. Combine store promotions and coupons to save on Scrubbing Bubbles at CVS.

CVS often runs ExtraBucks promotions like “Spend $12, Receive $4.00 in ExtraBucks.” ExtraBucks are store cash coupons you can spend on your next purchase at CVS.

When you find a manufacturer coupon to combine with a promotion like this, you’ll save a lot of money.

On average, every other month we see promotions where you can combine a Scrubbing Bubbles coupon with an ExtraBucks promotion to get the item for under stock-up prices.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Scrubbing Bubbles, 20 oz.: $1.50


3. Buy Tide Pods at Target when there’s a Cartwheel offer and a Tide coupon.

Between October and March, there are opportunities to get Tide Pods for near-stock-up prices a few times a month at Target.

You don’t even need to wait for Tide Pods to go on sale — just look for a 10% off Target Cartwheel offer for Tide Pods and a high-value Tide Pods coupon ($3.00 off is most common).

Combine these with a $4.99 regular price on Tide Pods, and you can get 12-16 ct. packs for $1.49 — or as low as $0.09 each! Stock up!

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Tide Pods: $0.10/pod


4. Get the most frequent deals on Cascade or Finish dishwasher tabs on Amazon.

Throughout the spring and into summer, Amazon offers a deal on Cascade or Finish dishwasher tabs a few times per month.

Every deal isn’t stock-up worthy, but at least one per month is. Typically you’ll see an Amazon coupon for 20% off that you can “clip” before you add the item to your cart. If you choose to automate monthly shipments through Subscribe & Save, you’ll get an additional 5% off.

As an example, using the digital coupon and Subscribe & Save, we often see Finish Powerball Dishwasher Tabs for $0.12/tab. Walmart sells the exact product for $0.16/tab.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Finish Dishwasher Tabs: $0.12/each
Cascade Dishwasher Tabs: $0.18/each


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5. Stack a Windex coupon with an Ibotta offer at Walmart.

During spring and summer, keep your eye out for Ibotta offers on Windex. Last year we saw a $3.00/2 rebate offer for Windex and a $1.00/1 Windex offer.

The best part is that you can typically redeem these offers up to five times on one receipt, and when you have five Windex coupons to use, you’re looking at a stock-up price!

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Windex, 20 oz.: $1.00



6. Stock up on Scott paper towels once a month at CVS.

CVS has the most frequent stock-up prices on Scott paper towels. In fact, roughly once a month, you can score paper towels for less than stock-up prices!

We see prices dip into the $0.01 per square foot range when there’s an ExtraBucks promotion like “Spend $20 and receive $5.00 in ExtraBucks.” Combine this promotion with Scott coupons, and you’re set.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Scott paper towels: $0.03 per sq. ft.


7. Stock up on Pine-Sol floor cleaner at Target in March.

Twice a year in March and November, look for an opportunity to stack a 20% off Cartwheel offer and a $0.75/1 Pine-Sol manufacturer coupon up to four times in one transaction when you buy four bottles of Pine Sol.

Sometimes there’s even an additional gift card promotion where you can get a $5 Target gift card when you spend $15.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Pine Sol, 40 oz.: $1.50


8. Buy Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at Costco twice a year.

Costco sells a set of 11 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for $9.99, regular price.

A few times a year — usually in the spring and fall — Costco offers an Instant Savings rebate on Magic Erasers where you can save between $2.00 and $4.00, bringing the price per Magic Eraser down to about $0.54 each, less than a stock-up price!

KCL Stock-Up Price:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: $0.75/each


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