Joanie (aka The Krazy Coupon Lady) appeared on Harry Connick Jr.’s talk show, Harry, earlier this month!

On February 1, 2018 she chatted with Harry about the top products we ALWAYS see on sale in February. If you missed it, here’s the video with tips below so you can get your savings on in February!


1. Winter apparel for 50% off

February is almost always the best month to buy winterwear: coats, beanies and gloves, snow pants and boots.

Try shopping department-store clearance racks in the latter half of the month. You’ll have better luck shopping in-store than online, because much of the online-inventory overrun gets resold to discount retailers, skipping the deep markdowns you’d see on clearance racks in-store.

How much do you save? 50%.

Like shopping online? Steer clear of the big-name stores, and look for sister sites that offer everyday low prices, often on last year’s inventory. Those retailers will also clearance in February. Just steer clear of sellers you can’t verify, especially those who ship from out of country. Big brands like The North Face and Columbia have a real counterfeit problem.


2. Dental hygiene products for 80% off

February is National Children’s Dental Month, which is like the most boring fact you’ve heard this year. But here’s why it matters: for dental products, in-store sales and coupon distribution both rise during these promotional periods.

So February is actually the best month of the year to buy children’s toothbrushes, toothpastes, and mouthwashes. And the best place to buy them is at the national drugstores. Each drugstore has its own loyalty program where you get points or rewards for making qualified purchases, which essentially translate to money off your next purchase.

Each Sunday in February, open up the Krazy Coupon Lady app and pick your favorite drugstore to find the best deals on kids’ dental hygiene products that week. In the app, you’ll find digital and paper coupons to stack with already hot sale prices and promotions. Make sure to buy enough to last you a few months — maybe even a whole year.

Using these tactics, you could achieve 80% savings.

That’s right, and at least a few times during the month of February the value of the rewards you get back exceed what you paid out of pocket, essentially making your savings 100%.


Download the free Krazy Coupon Lady app on your iPhone or Android now!


3. Seasonal produce for 40% off

February is approaching the end of winter season. That means it’s your last chance for great prices on good-quality brussels sprouts, winter squashes (acorn & butternut), cabbage, citrus (oranges, lemons, limes) and kale.

Plan your meals around what’s in season this month. You’ll get great prices, because stores are trying to move seasonal produce while they can buy it so cheaply.

February is also the start of avocado season, which will run for the next six months. Look for great prices and promotions to kick off guacamole making in February.

Using these tactics, you could achieve 40% savings.

Last year in February we showed KCL readers how to buy avocados for just $0.13 each.

Look for coupons from rebate apps like SavingStar, ibotta, and Checkout 51, and from grocery apps like the Whole Foods app.

4. Asian ingredients for 60% off

Chinese New Year starts Feb 16th and lasts through March. During this time find deals and coupons on Asian ingredients like soy sauce, terriyaki sauce, noodles, and stir-fry supplies.

We even see sales and promotions at Asian restaurants during Chinese New Year. Look for Red Envelope specials. Traditional Chinese New Year gifts are tucked inside red envelopes, a symbol of good fortune in the new year. Last year one Asian restaurant chain handed out envelopes to every customer that entitled them to a free meal during their next visit.

Using these tactics, you could achieve 60% savings.

And many of these pantry items have a long shelf life, so you can buy enough to last you until next Chinese New Year.

Or, another tip to last you all year long: ethnic food specialty retailers almost always have better prices than mainstream supermarkets. Hispanic, Asian, Indian and African food stores sell affordable spices and staples and will save you money while supporting local businesses.


5. TVs for 40% off

Black Friday isn’t the only time of year to score deals on TVs. Thanks to the Big Game, expect great prices on televisions over the next few days. Make sure to comparison shop online before you go to the store.

The sweet spot for savings will be on 49-inch to 65-inch sets. Experts say the average living room needs a TV around 50″, but if you and your partner disagree on size (not that I’m speaking from personal experience), you can find a distance calculator online that helps you choose the right size depending on how far away your seating is.

Using these tactics, you could achieve 60% savings.

Other things to watch for are price adjustment policies. TVs, more than most other products, are in a near constant state of decreasing prices, so you’re very reasonably likely to see a lower price later, sometimes even within the 2-week price adjustment period. Some stores will refund you the difference in price.


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Top Products on Sale in February: Tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady on Harry