Even though it was 20 years ago, I remember it just like yesterday: I was participating in the 3rd grade spelling bee and my mom wrote me a note of encouragement on my brown lunch bag. While I suffered a humiliating first-round loss, I’ll always remember my mom’s words of encouragement.

You can encourage your child at school with six FREE products from Vistaprint including personalized notecards, note pad, sticky notes, notebook, pen, or gift certificate. Whether your child is gearing up for a grueling round of standardized school testing or is frustrated with his exploding volcano science fair project, you can be sure to lighten the mood with these products. Order one or order all, and the best news is the more items you order with Vistaprint, the cheaper shipping will be per item. I added the notebook, sticky notes and the pen and only paid $6.34 for all three!

Here’s how to get this A+ deal:

  • Click here to get started.
  • Select the free product that you are interested in and then press the blue “Get Started” button.
  • I found that the easiest way to add multiple items was to add 1 and go all the way through checkout and then come click this link again and add your next item.  It will save all your items in your cart until you are ready to check out with all your items.
  • Please remember, you will have to click through several pages of "offers" to get to the final pages of checkout.  Do not click any of these offers as you will be changed full price for them.
  • Go to checkout. No coupon codes are needed to take advantage of this deal!
  • The products are FREE; just pay shipping and processing. Shipping prices start at $4.50.
  • This deal ends on Friday, March 9th.
6 FREE Products to Motivate Your Children from Vistaprint!