Sometimes it can feel more challenging to find the perfect gift for Dad versus Mom. Either your dad's hobbies are all too rich for your blood, or it appears he already has absolutely everything he could ever want, or you just can't seem to get any usable intel out of him (or Mom) about what he really wants. But don't despair—there’s a perfect Father's Day gift out there for your dad, and it won't cost you your life savings either! Here are some great budget-friendly ways that KCLs say "I love you" to their dads on Father's Day.

1. Get your hands dirty

Whether you choose to tackle your dad's "honey do" list or spend the day helping him alphabetize and categorize his collection of treasured vinyl records, with this gift you take a task off Dad's plate and spend a day of quality time together. What could be better?!

2. Go on an adventure

Is your dad all dressed up to camp but has no one to accompany him? Tag along—it won't cost you much but time (and maybe gas) plus the memories it will make will be priceless. Whether your dad loves to fish, golf, garden, or play video games, there's a good chance he's got all the gear—so all you need to do is show up!

Note: A day adventure with the kids and grandkids is an equally fun pick—lots of fun for the whole family!

3. Pay it forward in Dad's honor

Maybe your dad really does already have absolutely everything he could ever want. Your love and respect, however, is a gift only you can give. So think of something your dad taught you—whether to help others in need or save the planet—and make a small donation in his name. Here’s a short list of some great organizations.

  • Arbor Day Foundation: This organization plants trees and sponsors education and conservation programs.
  • Heifer International: This organization supports micro economies through gifts of livestock and supplies to needy families and communities.
  • Grand Canyon National Park Foundation: This organization preserves and protects one of the seven wonders of the world.
  • Smile Train: This organization provides free cleft palate corrective surgeries to individuals all over the world.
  • Charity: Water: This organization provides clean, safe, fresh drinking water to communities all around the globe.

4. "I love you" list

The "I love you" list is one of those gifts that is worth a million bucks. With this list, simply write down all the reasons you love your dad. If you can, get all the kids (and the grandkids) to participate. Make it pretty if you like—you can even make a journal-style collage complete with pictures and short handwritten notes highlighting your favorite memories.

5. Organize a "Dads Only" event for Dad and his friends

Maybe your dad loves to play poker. Or perhaps he’s a Scrabble master. Maybe he loves action movies (the exact kind your mom can’t stand). Whatever his passion, he probably has a few "best buds" who also like those things. So find out from Mom who those buddies are, then organize a "Dads Only" get-together. Donate your casa if you can, or bring Mom to your place for the evening so Dad can unwind with his friends and have a great time.

6. Set up a "Father's Day Throne" just for Dad

Choose your dad's favorite room—probably the one with the television and the remote control. Decorate his chair with a "For Dad Only" sign. Put all the remotes on a chair-side table within easy reach. Outfit a table on the other side of the chair with his favorite snacks and beverages. Place his slippers and a comfy robe or blanket near the chair and then make sure you and everyone else in the family is prepared to serve "The King" for the whole day!

7. Make a “Dad-Grab” basket

This is a great stand-alone gift—and it also is a great addition to #6. Thanks to KCL's couponing tips, you can find great deals on Dad's favorite snacks, magazine subscriptions, DVDs, tunes and other small gift items. Pack a large basket with all of Dad's favorites, then create a handcrafted card the whole family can sign.

8. Organize the family to recognize Father's Day

Finally, this gift will be especially meaningful if Dad has family and/or close friends who live far away, are out of touch due to military service, or tend to forget major holidays like Father's Day. Reach out to everyone you think Dad might enjoy hearing from in advance of Father's Day, and arrange a way for them to send their love—either through a card, an email, a text, a phone call, a video, or some other means. Make sure to follow up with reminders to each of these folks both the day before and then again (if needed) on the big day. Dad will be glowing by day's end!

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Say “I Love You” for Father’s Day