You’re trying (and failing) to axe those bad habits. That’s why they’re still bad habits!

Need a kick in the butt? That’s what I thought, so check out this list of nine free apps that help you kill bad habits forever!


1. Quit overpaying for groceries! Use the Krazy Coupon Lady App.

If you’re not couponing, you’re definitely overpaying for groceries and household goods! Our users can save 50-70% on their grocery bills by incorporating coupons and deals from the KCL app.

  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Best features: The KCL app matches coupons to weekly flyers and breaks down deals to help you shop.
  • My results: I now spend $400 per month on groceries as opposed to $800 before!


2. Stop falling short of your savings goals! Try Qapital.

The power of automation makes saving with Qapital surprisingly easy! The app links to your bank accounts and lets you set rules for saving like “round up my purchases and transfer the difference to savings,” then automatically handles transfers!

Check out more details about Qapital and similar apps in my list of 7 Budgeting Apps You Should Use Based on Your Personality.

  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Best features: You can fully customize your savings rules, and even penalize yourself for splurges like “save $2 every time I spend money at Starbucks.”
  • My results: Without planning any changes to my budget, I managed to save $100 in a month!


3. Just…can’t…get out of bed in the morning? Stop sleeping in with I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock.

I Can’t Wake Up! works like your phone alarm clock, but if you want to turn it off, you have to complete a task to prove that you’re awake!

  • Available on: Android (There is an iOS version but I don’t recommend it, too buggy!)
  • Best features: The tasks really force you to regain consciousness before you can shut off the alarm! There are lots of options like math tasks, memory tasks, shake tasks, rewrite tasks, and even different difficulty levels.
  • My results: I use the rewrite task and math task (with a level 7 alarm volume — it’s loud!) because they require me to think and type. By the time I’ve finished, I’m mentally tuned in and awake enough to get out of bed. No more oversleeping!


4. Curb your phone addiction and forest bathe. Let Forest help.

Forest ever so pleasantly motivates you to stay away from your phone, whether you’re working, studying, or hanging out with friends.

  • Available on: iOS and Android
  • Best features: Forest lets you set a timer for your no-screen-time goal, then shows you a planted seed. If you don’t leave the Forest App for your desired time period, your tree will grow strong! But if you leave the app, your tree dies. You can whitelist certain apps say, if you want to take calls from your kids without killing your tree. There are also cute options like different tree species and ambient noises. Plus, Forest actually partners with Trees for the Future to plant trees in the real world. More than 120,000 to date!
  • My results: Sure, I could just set a regular timer and try not to use my phone, but the sense of responsibility over my little budding tree makes it so much more compelling! I use this app almost every day to help me be more productive and social.



5. Stop procrastinating on long-term goals. Like NOW. Try Google Goals.

This new component of Google Calendar handles scheduling your goals and bugs you to complete the task or reschedule.

  • Available on: Android (Strides is a good similar app for iOS.)
  • Best features: You only need to define your goals, then Google Goals will schedule them into your day. Automatic scheduling makes sure you’ll have no conflicting appointments, and push notifications to complete or reschedule keep you accountable.
  • My results: I already use Google Calendar, so branching out into the Goals feature was amazing! My workouts and piano practice fit seamlessly into my schedule, and their phone widget displays my agenda on my home screen. I set up my goals in less than a minute, and the app handles the rest.


6. Use Daylio to make journaling manageable. (Bonus, it will help you improve your moods!)

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to keep a journal but never stuck to it. The Daylio app reminds you to track your mood and daily activities, and makes these tasks mind-blowingly fast!

  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Best features: Set up reminders to ask how your day’s going (I do once in the early afternoon then again at night). Then pick from 5 options: awful, bad, meh, good, or rad. Next, you can tap buttons to indicate what you’ve been up to like “shopping,” “travel,” “date” and “good meal.” You can totally customize these, plus you can write comments about your day underneath.
  • My results: I have to say, I did not expect to be so impressed with this app. I only spend a few seconds to 2 minutes in this app per day, but it’s helped me keep a mini journal and track my moods. Their analysis helps me identify things that keep me happy (like doing a variety of activities) or make my day more likely to be meh (if I skip a workout). Sometimes the reminder pops up when I’m in a bad mood, and before I hit “bad” or “awful,” I find myself asking, “Girl, why are you in a bad mood? Is this really a bad day?” Usually I perk up a little, reminded that life is pretty great.


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7. Stop getting distracted at work. Stay on task with Pomodoro Timer Lite.

Pomodoro helps you manage your time by breaking up work into segments and prompting you to take timed breaks.

  • Available on: Android (There are comparable apps for iOS like Be Focused and Tomato One.)
  • Best features: Pomodoro breaks up your tasks into 25-minute chunks, prompting you to take 3-5 minute breaks in between, then a 10-30 minute break after every 4th work session.
  • My results: My work feels much more manageable in 25 minute increments, and I feel energized from getting up every so often to clear my mind and get my blood circulating. I also checked out Pomodoro Timer Pro (which costs $1.99). It lets you track task histories and statistics, but I really didn’t need the extra features!


8. Gamify your self-improvement. Try Habitica.

Habitica is perfect for a competitive spirit or anyone nostalgic for video games. It integrates your habits with the game’s levels and currency, so the more you improve your habits, the more you win!

  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Best features: Earn rewards and progress through the game by tracking your habits. Forget to make an entry, skip a good habit, or fall back into a bad one? Your character takes damage.
  • My results: Seeing my habits in the context of the game was a huge motivation booster, and actually pretty addicting. I’m now meeting my goals for practicing Spanish, while cutting down on swearing and falling asleep in my contact lenses.



9. Break bad habits and establish new, better ones with HabitHub.

If the gaming angle just isn’t you, HabitHub is another great app that helps you track your progress over time. It’s super easy to use with no added fluff.

  • Available on: Android (iOS coming soon!)
  • Best features: Set reminders for recurring tasks and set up a list of questions for yourself like, “Did you work out today?” Push notifications and simple layouts help you track your success rates at a glance and keep yourself accountable.
  • My results: This app helped me track work, household chores, and my goal for getting to bed earlier. It was equally as effective as Habitica, just different!


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9 Free Apps That Help You Kill Bad Habits Forever