When I was pregnant, one of my friends told me that she gets diapers for her little one on Amazon. At first, I felt that I got better deals in drugstores — then I discovered Amazon’s discounted open-box diapers. Now that I’ve perfected my open-box diaper buying strategy, I wouldn’t buy anywhere else. Here’s how I score crazy cheap diapers from Amazon!




1. Look for the open-box deals

Amazon regularly offers reduced prices in the “Warehouse Deals” section of their website. Open box diaper deals are marked down because the boxes were damaged in Amazon’s warehouse. Sometimes a box will be dented, ripped, or need to be double boxed before it’s mailed to your home. However, since diapers aren’t fragile and are sealed in plastic, they are clean and perfectly usable by the time they reach your house. The majority of the open-box deals I have found are on super-sized boxes that are discounted about $10.

2. Know how to search

You can start your search by looking for “Open Box Diapers.” This should filter out more expensive deals and just show you the marked-down items. Instead of seeing “new” and “used” items being sold, for diapers you will see “new” and “open box.”

3. Have some patience

If you cannot find the brand or size diapers you’re looking for, just wait! These deals are fairly common but will go quickly. I have found more deals available earlier in the day. If I can’t find the size diapers I’m looking for, I just wait. Within a week I normally find the brand and size diapers that I want. Don’t forget to stock up on the next size (or two) of diapers, too. Sometimes I’ll buy a larger size when I find a really great diaper deal and save them for later.

4. Don’t go too low

Be careful that the diapers you’re purchasing are over $25. This way, they qualify for free shipping.  Otherwise, you’ll spend another $10-15 to have the diapers mailed to you, and they will no longer be such a good deal.

This is a guest post by Renee from Scranton, PA
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Save on Diapers with Amazon Open-Box Deals