Things can — and do — go wrong in the kitchen. Food burns. Fingers get nicked. Pots boil over. Ingredients spoil. Sometimes, things get sticky and smelly. Yes, the kitchen can become a battlefield.

Now, I can’t make perfect gravy (my family complains about the lumps), but I do know a few kitchen tricks to remedy the occasional crisis.

  • Salty Slip: Next time the salt lid slips off while you are seasoning a pot of soup or stew, just drop a chunk of fresh potato into the recipe. The starchy potato absorbs some of the excess salt. When finished cooking, just remove and discard the potato.
  • Burn Relief: Not burns to your skin, sill, burns to your food, of course! Place a slice of bread over the top of a burned pot of rice. Let the bread sit for ten minutes to absorb the burnt taste.
  • Fresh Float: Unsure if your eggs are fit for breakfast or belong on the neighbor’s siding (KIDDING)? Float them in four inches of water. Eggs that sink are the freshest. Eggs that float are past ideal. Discard.
  • Hearty Spuds: Keep potatoes from sprouting in the pantry by placing an apple in the bag. Grannies swear by this trick to prolong the life of potatoes.
  • Sweeter Sugar: Add a piece of terra cotta to brown sugar to keep it fresh and soft.
  • Soft Sweets: Crumpled up tissue paper added to cookie jars keeps the cookies from going stale.
  • Burn Ban: A little mustard applied to a burn eases the pain and keeps out an infection.
  • Knick Fix: A bit of clear nail polish applied to small cuts relieves pain and keeps out an infection.
  • Stink Off: Coffee grounds rubbed into hands ward off the smell of onion. A sprinkle of salt in plastic storage containers hinders odor in storage. Baking soda in the fridge keeps the fish from taking over.

Be prepared for kitchen battle with these few simple tricks. Now, if you excuse me, I am back on the hunt for the perfect gravy recipe!

Kitchen Crisis Avoided: 9 Simple Secrets To Make Life Easier