When I first joined Facebook I couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on. But after several years of participation, I’m starting to see where the real gold lies. There’s money to be saved—and made—by spending time on Facebook (i.e., yes, you really can justify your "Facebook habit!"). Read on for five cool ways to save and earn when you log in!

1. Host a virtual yard sale.

That's right—none of the sweat and labor, and all of the profits can be yours when you host a virtual yard sale on Facebook.

What to do:

  • Take high-quality photos of the items you want to sell or barter away.
  • Set a price for each item.
  • Create a Facebook event for your yard sale.
  • Describe the event (including start/end times) and post the pics with prices.
  • Be on hand during the event to answer questions.
  • Arrange for shipping or local hand-offs when items are sold.

2. Sell your creativity.

Whether you like to paint or bead, take pictures or write books, Facebook is a great way to build a network of enthusiastic fans-turned-customers.

What to do:

  • You can create an event page for seasonal sales events.
  • You can also create a company page for your work and start building a fan base.
  • You can direct people who "like" your page to your website so they can purchase your work.
  • You can offer incentives to people who invite their networks to "like" your page to expand your reach.

3. Snag freebies, deals and coupons.

Facebook is so big and successful precisely because big companies already know what you and I are discovering—most of us log in at least once a day, and if we find deals and coupons on a page, we are likely to return again and again.

What to do:

  • We can use Bed, Bath & Beyond as an example.
  • Visit: https://www.facebook.com/BedBathAndBeyond
  • Scroll to see past coupons and sales notices.
  • You can "like" the page to be notified of future page posts so you can snag coupons and take advantage of sales pricing.

4. Swap, barter, borrow and trade.

If you have things you want to rent or sell, or things you want buy, or things you need to borrow, why not hit up your "friends" network on Facebook?

What to do:

  • Let's say you need to paint your house but don't have a ladder.
  • So you post on your Facebook wall asking if anyone in your local network has a ladder they can lend or rent you (or swap or barter for something you have that they need).
  • You can do this with any item where it doesn't make sense to buy (or sell) it, but you can loan it out, rent it, or borrow it from a friend for short-term use.

5. Earn extra referral and bonus points using Facebook + apps.

Here at KCL, we are huge fans of apps that help us save and earn. As it turns out, our favorite apps also offer rewards when we use Facebook—here are some examples!

What to do:

  • We can use Swagbucks as an example.
  • Visit: https://www.facebook.com/swagbucks
  • "Like" the page to get alerts when new earning opportunities are posted.
  • You can also visit the page to find out about Double Swag Bucks Days and other earning events.
  • You can do this for any app or business you like and snag coupons, deals, discounts and earning opportunities just by "liking" their Facebook page.


5 Ways to Make Money on Facebook