1. You get early access to Lightning Deals and free 2-day shipping.

Since most of my family lives in a different state, Amazon Prime is the service I rely on the most when it comes to holiday shopping. Free 2-day shipping and early access to lightning deals makes the $99 Prime membership well worth it. Not to mention the added benefits of Prime Instant Streaming, Music and Photo.

Note: If you have Netflix and pay $7.99 every month, you’re spending $95.88 just for the ability to stream movies. With Amazon Prime, movie streaming (Amazon Video) is included with your $99 Prime membership.

2. You can buy almost anyone an Amazon Gift Membership and know they’ll be happy.

I would love it if someone gifted me with Amazon Prime. Even if your friend or family member hates it (I don’t see how they could), or already has a Prime account, the membership can easily be exchanged for a gift card.


3. You can make extra gift money just by referring friends.

When you’ve experienced the awesomeness of Amazon Student as a student, all you want to do is tell your friends about it. With Amazon Student, get pretty much all the perks of Prime, but for only $49 a year instead of $99. Plus, you can earn that money back in a jiffy by referring friends to join—$5 for you, $5 for your friend. Same goes for referrals with Amazon Mom.

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4. You’ll feel confident knowing your child will get what they want and need.

Along with receiving 20% off diapers, Amazon Mom (free with Prime) lets you create a profile for your kids and then recommends gifts based on their information. You can then share those specific products—as well as the items on your child’s wish list—with others for all-around easy gift giving.


5. You won’t have to listen to the same songs on repeat.

I love holiday music, but holiday music while you’re stuck in traffic after a long day of shopping with grumpy, crying kids is no fun at all. Instead, I’ll just play Mary Poppins using my Amazon Audible app and BOOM! my kids are out or quietly enjoying a nice book on “tape.” And if I do feel like listening to Christmas music, all I have to do is start playing my favorite commercial-free Prime Music playlist.


6. You can get all the perks of Amazon Prime for free with a 30-day free trial.

Even though I’m certain you’ll love Prime and want to keep it forever, try it free for 30 days (set a reminder on your phone to cancel in a month). Then, enjoy all the free shipping, music, videos, and early access to amazing deals that you want.


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6 Ways Amazon Is Making Holiday Shopping Ridiculously Easy