1. Use Paribus to track price drops and request an adjustment.

Most retailers offer a one-time price adjustment if the selling price of your item drops within 7-14 days of purchase. Paribus app monitors online purchases. Paribus will scan your inbox for receipts and if an item’s price drops within the retailer’s price-adjustment period, it will send an email on your behalf requesting a price adjustment from eligible retailers. Refunds will usually be refunded via original form of payment.

Also! Paribus will monitor your Amazon shipments and request a credit on your behalf when your Prime shipments are late. Compensation usually comes in the form of Amazon gift cards or free months of Prime.


2. Use Fetch Rewards to get cash back when you take pictures of your grocery receipts.

Even if your gift shopping is done, I bet your Christmas grocery list isn’t. Start using Fetch Rewards now and get points that are redeemable for gift cards. The main difference between Fetch Rewards and other receipt-scanning apps is that it doesn’t matter where you buy your product — you can scan any grocery receipt. You have only 14 days from your purchase to scan your receipt. If you wait longer than this, it’s most likely that your receipt won’t be valid.


3. Opt for buying a subscription or membership, and skip wrapping altogether.

With monthly subscription boxes and memberships (think Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Costco, etc.) you can literally purchase one as a gift on Christmas Day and no one would even know. Gift memberships often run 20% off during the month of December, so it’s a great time to buy one for yourself too!

I like to give the gift of Amazon Prime because really, who wouldn’t want free movie and music streaming along with free shipping?! And if it turns out my friend or family member already has Amazon Prime, they can exchange it for a gift card. Easy peasy.

Click here for more giftable membership and subscription ideas.


4. Use Shop Savvy or the Amazon app to get online prices in-store.

Stores including Target, Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Toys”R”Us, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond all match competitor online prices. Use the Amazon app to scan products in brick-and-mortar stores. If the Amazon price is cheaper, ask the cashier to price match at checkout and pay the Amazon price in-store!

Use the Shop Savvy app to compare prices at nearby stores, not just Amazon prices.



5. Check Brick Seek to be sure your item is in stock before you head to the store.

This way, you’re only fighting the crowds if you know your item is in stock! Brick Seek will tell you the status of inventory at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Staples, Office Depot, and CVS.


6. Order online and use free in-store pickup to save on shipping and delivery time.

As long as an item is in stock at your local retailer, you should be able to pick up a product the same day you order it!

Stores that offer free in-store pickup include:


7. Use CrayPay to save 3% on top of any coupons or sales.

If you’re a procrastinator, you might have missed a sale or two so you need to save money any way possible! Purchase gift cards for less than their face value with an app called CrayPay. Enter your purchase amount while standing at checkout. CrayPay will buy a gift card in your exact purchase amount, but you’ll only pay around 97% of the gift card’s value, saving you an extra 3% with almost no effort! Hand your phone to the cashier and they’ll scan the barcode of your gift card.


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8. If you’re going to buy a gift card, buy one that gives you an extra gift card for free with purchase.

Gift cards: the procrastinator’s saving grace. Here’s a list of over 60 restaurants and retailers that will reward you for choosing them.


9. Or turn old gift cards into cash for last-minute expenses using Cardpool kiosks.

Everyone has a gift card (or 12) to a store they don’t frequent. So, turn them into cash through Cardpool. Find a self-serve kiosk in your city, and put in your card’s details to get up to 92% of your gift card’s value back in the form of cash.



10. Don’t look for customized gifts—it’s too late for that.

Customized gifts from sites like Etsy are only going to add more stress to your late gift-buying ventures. They take longer to make, and what if the name you wanted printed on a gift is misspelled? Choose big retailers like Target, Walmart, or Amazon (Prime, with free two-day shipping can be a lifesaver for out-of-town friends and family) that have a plethora of products to choose from in one convenient spot.


11. Skip the shopping cart.

Don’t even think about pushing a shopping cart through a crowded store. This will not only stress you out, you’ll be tempted to throw a few extra gifts into it and overspend. If you’re shopping for more than one item, try a reusable shopping tote to carry your goods. Ikea bags work best!


12. Get creative and shop from your stockpile and pantry.

Here’s another perk to being a couponer! Your kitchen pantry and bathroom closet are probably full of stuff you got for cheap or free with coupons. Put a few items together and stick it in a cute container or mason jar.

Use the ideas in these articles to inspire you:

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