Whoever said it doesn’t pay to sit and watch TV all day?

Snackmakers Cheez-It have teamed up with Amazon Prime Video for a new promotion, called Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream, giving everyone the ability to earn at least $5 every month by binge-watching hit shows.

What do you have to watch? How much do you have to watch? What does Cheez-It have to do with any of this? All your questions will be answered. . .


Sign up each month to binge-watch select shows.

Visit the Snap’d & Stream page every month to connect your Amazon account to the promo. Once enrolled, you then browse the month’s required viewing, and even add the shows to your watchlist.


Once you fulfill the requirements, you can get up to $10 in Amazon credits.

Participants who watch the required amount of programming will receive an email that contains a $5 credit to use on any Cheez-It product on Amazon, and the first 1,000 people who complete the requirements will also get a $5 credit towards Amazon Prime Video rentals and purchases.

You can stack your monthly Cheez-It credits towards larger purchases, which are spelled out on the redemption page — so long as you use the credits by Jan. 31, 2021.



Each month’s pre-selected binge content has a theme.

In June, for example, the theme is “Leading Men of Television,” featuring hit male-led shows like House M.D., Suits, Teen Wolf, Stargate Atlantis and Psych. Participants are asked to watch 15 hours of content from those shows to qualify for the rewards.

And no, you can’t watch another 15 hours to get another credit — this is one credit per account, per month.


A Prime membership isn’t required (but you probably should have one).

The promotion is run entirely through Amazon Prime Video, and all of the programs are free with Prime membership.

That said, you can still create a free, non-Prime Amazon account and rent or purchase the required programs to qualify for the Amazon reward. But what you’d be paying is a lot more than the $5 kickback. Just sayin’.

If you don’t have a Prime membership, don’t forget, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial — and when you get that sweet $5 credit, it’ll be a moneymaker.


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Cheez-It & Amazon Are Giving You $5/Month to Binge-Watch