We all get gifts that just aren’t our style. If you can’t return them or otherwise sell them, I’m sure the thought of re-gifting has entered your mind.

While there’s nothing wrong with re-gifting, you’ve gotta keep it classy. Follow these do’s and don’ts for best results.


1. Do make sure you remember who gave you the gift in the first place.

Re-gifting something to the person that gave you the same exact gift for your birthday? Well, that’s awkward.

Keep a gift log so that you know who gave you what and when.


2. Don’t re-gift anything you already used.

If it’s something you tried out and decided you didn’t like, then, by all means, give it away. But if it’s used, don’t wrap it up and pretend it’s new.

TIP: If you can’t regift it, sell it at Plato’s Closet! We’ll even show you how.


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3. Do remove all evidence the gift was ever yours — re-wrap the gift.

If your new recipient sees your name on the original tag, you’ll be humiliated and they’ll be hurt.

Even if the gift is new, it might still have signs that it was a gift! Triple-check for notes or inscriptions before you grab a new bag from the Dollar Tree to re-wrap.


4. Don’t re-gift family heirlooms.

There are some things that you should just keep. You don’t have to display it, but you should hold on to it so it stays in the fam.

Sell your less meaningful heirlooms to make some extra cash!


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5. Do keep it current.

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The older the gift, the more obvious it will be that you’re re-gifting. For example, your old Tae-Bo workout tapes from 2001 will be a dead giveaway.

Try donating or repurposing them instead.


6. Don’t re-gift in the same social circle.

Don’t take the chance that the original giver and the new recipient will ever be around each other. Ever.

An important distinction is that if the gift is peculiar enough, it could qualify to be part of a White Elephant/Dirty Santa exchange.

We have lots of tips about how to be a Dirty Santa inexpensively.


7. Don’t re-gift (most) food.

Especially expired or homemade food. Just don’t.

Plus, you could probably still use that expired food.

There are exceptions! Maybe you didn’t open that fancy olive oil that your cousin gave you or that jar of apple butter from Cracker Barrel. In that case, it’s probably fine to give it to a co-worker.



8. Do re-gift wine.

Maybe you just aren’t big on wine (why, though?). As long as the bottle was a fairly recent gift — and isn’t opened, duh — you’re fine to bring it to your next housewarming or office party.


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9. Don’t re-gift anything engraved.

Double-check that whatever you’ve been given wasn’t inscribed with a personal message or monogram.

But again, you’re not totally stuck with those inscribed items. Explore your options at pawn shops, local jewelers, or those cash-for-gold-type places.


10. Do re-gift gift cards.

As long as the balance is in full, then feel free to gift it to someone else.

Or you can even sell it on Gift Card Granny!


11. Don’t re-gift for Christmas.

I know it’s the most expensive time of the year, but re-gifting randomly is a little more special than re-gifting because you’re trying to save a little cash.


12. Do donate what you just can’t keep.

Don’t let something you don’t want and can’t use take up space. You might not be able to re-gift it, but you can pass it on to a donation center.


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The 12 Essential Do's and Don'ts of Re-gifting