If you’re anything like myself, you probably spend a lot of time checking your data usage and minutes on your smartphone. Since I love to text and chat with my family and friends, I’m always worried that I’ll go over my limit and wind up shocked when my bill arrives. Fortunately, I no longer have to worry about using too many minutes or texts since I’ve discovered the mobile app Viber!

What’s Viber?

Viber is a free app that allows you to talk and text as much as you want for free! Viber uses your 3G or Wi-Fi to connect with friends and family, and talk and texts are unlimited as long as you and the person you’re chatting with are both using Viber.

Can Viber be used for international calls?

Yes! It doesn’t matter where in the world you and your friends are located. If you’re both using the Viber app, you can talk and text unlimited for free, making Viber a great resource for those with family and friends overseas.

Does Viber offer any other features?

Yes! Viber also allows users the ability to download stickers from the sticker market, which allows you to add a little extra flair to your conversations. The stickers, which are both free and paid, are designed by Viber as well as artists who sell their designs in the market—I must admit, they’re pretty darn cute! Viber also offers push notifications so you won’t miss any calls or texts even if your Viber app is turned off.

What devices can Viber be used on?

Viber is available for Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia and Bada devices. However, one of the coolest features to Viber is that you can also use it on your computer, so you can chat with friends while you’re editing your vacation photos, typing up your term paper, or keeping up with your savings on your coupon spreadsheet! In addition to making calls and texts, Viber for Mac and Windows allows you to transfer ongoing calls between devices as well as sync your computer and phone.

Does Viber cost anything?

No! Viber is completely free to use and even boasts that they’re free of advertisements, so you won’t have to deal with annoying ads popping up during your chats. However, Viber does offer a service, Viber Out, that allows users to call landlines and non-Viber users at a low rate.

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