I’ve been a member of Swagbucks now for almost a year, and I am finally getting the hang of how to earn. In less than a year, I have racked up almost $130 in Amazon gift cards!  With some of my Swag-Pro tips, you can maximize your Swag earnings too. Here's how I earn every day:

  • Daily Polls: A quick single question poll located under the earn tab.  You can do these every day for 1 SB.
  • NOSO's: Again under the earn tab. You can click through these to earn 2 SBs a day. There are no strings attached, and no need to enter any information. Just keep clicking "see next offer" until you get your SBs.
  • Ad Rewards: Under the earn tab, click special offers, then Ad Rewards. You have to fill out a quick 3-question survey, and then watch videos to earn. Pay attention, though; throughout the video two numbers will run along the perimeter of the video. You have to enter those after the video is finished to get your SBs. On average I earn 2-3 SBs a day from this.
  • Inbox: Check your inbox daily. Every day I have a message with an opportunity to earn 3 SBs by simply watching a video.
  • Surveys: This is the Big Kahuna of how to earn the most SBs every day. Under the earn tab, click Trusted Surveys. These are safe and secure and provide the bulk of my SwagBuck earnings. You have up to 5 chances each day to qualify for a survey.  If you don't qualify, you still are rewarded 1 SB for each survey you attempt, up to 5 SBs. I just started doing these, and in less than 2 months I've earned 1700 SBs from this power earner.
  • Icon Options: At the bottom of the SwagBucks home page there is a scroll bar of picture icons with different special offers to earn SBs. I typically don't do the offers, but every once in awhile there will be an icon for a video to watch to earn a few extra SBs. I check these every day, because every little bit ads up.
  • Search: Instead of Google or Yahoo, make Swagbucks your toolbar, or homepage. A random search can typically earn you 7-35 SBs a day. I make it a goal to get at least one search swag reward a day.
  • Swagbucks TV: Under the earn tab, click Swagbucks TV. Watch 10 videos to earn 3 SBs. As far as I know there is no limit on how many videos you can watch in a single day.

Cashing In Tip: I've been watching the swagstore like a hawk for the last year, scoping out what the best deal is for my swagbucks. By far the $5 Amazon.com gift card, for 450 SBs, gives you the most bang for your Swagbuck. Make sure that as soon as your earn 450 SBs you purchase your Amazon gift card. You can only redeem 5 like prizes per month. Once your gift cards are verified and placed in your SwagBucks gift card account, you can transfer them into your Amazon.com account.

Hope these tips help you earn more from SwagBucks!

This has been a guest post by Jessica from Amherst, OH
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How I Earn Hundreds Per Year with Swagbucks