Let’s be honest, people: One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is the candy. Yeah, there are plenty of great candy deals to be had, but this year, one of the most iconic love-day candies is straight-up not going to be available.

That’s right — the quintessential Sweethearts conversation hearts won’t be on shelves for 2019.

So. . . what happened!?


Necco — the company who makes Sweethearts — closed in July.

Super sad. They’d been making the conversation hearts since 1901. The Spangler Candy Company — y’know, those guys who make Dum Dums lollipops and the much-maligned Circus Peanuts candies — bought Sweethearts in September as part of a big sell-off of Necco assets.


Sweethearts’ new owners didn’t have enough time to make billions of conversation hearts.

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People eat a lot of freaking conversation hearts. Like 8 billion in the six weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. It took Necco a whopping 11 months to make that many in years past. Spangler just couldn’t pull it off.



The conversation hearts market is heating up on eBay, with 8-oz. bags of Sweethearts selling for $12.50.

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Need more? Eight boxes are selling for $10.95, or a pack of 40 boxes for $29.00.

By comparison, you could just buy some similar conversation hearts made by Brach’s for $2.69 (for 16 oz.) at Target.


Or you could always make your own conversation hearts. . .

Yep, the recipe is pretty simple, actually — you just need powdered gelatin, clear soda, powdered sugar, food coloring and flavored extracts.

You can even make your own messages (I personally love snarky ones). Here’s the recipe. Have at it.



Sweethearts will be back in 2020.

Spangler’s CEO has assured the public that Sweethearts would be relaunched for the 2020 Valentine season. But in the meantime, you could just buy Brach’s and Wonka’s SweeTarts conversation hearts, or other candies like Jelly Belly’s Conversation Beans or Cupid Messages by M&M’s.


There are always great deals on candywe’ve got ’em right here.


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No Sweethearts This Valentine's Day!!!