If you’re anything like me, you cringe at the idea of forking over hundreds of dollars for textbooks and graphing calculators this back-to-school season. But don't worry—I found ways to save hundreds of dollars by renting books and calculators! Check with your school before you buy—many schools offer book and calculator rental programs. For example, my local college rents graphing calculators for only $10 a semester. If your school doesn’t offer a rental program, consider renting your calculators and textbooks online. There are many websites that allow you to rent books and calculators for a small fee—simply return them when you’re done!

Book Rentals

1. CampusBookRentals

With CampusBookRentals, you'll save up to 80% on your textbooks. All you have to do is search for book by author, ISBN number, title or keyword using the search bar on their site. Once you select your books, specify how long you need them, enter your shipping info, and your books are on their way. CampusBookRentals is my favorite place to shop for textbooks because shipping is free both ways, and it's super easy to return your books (just place your books in the return envelope and drop it in the mailbox).

2. BookRenter.com

You'll also save as much as 80% when you rent your textbooks on BookRenter.com. After finding your book (you can search for it by ISBN number, author or title), you can select how long you need your book (rental periods range from 30 to 125 days). Shipping is free if you spend at least $25. When you’re ready to return your books, you can print a return label and ship them back for free. Or you can return your books to one of BookRenter's affiliated locations.

3. Chegg

Renting your textbooks on Chegg will save you up to 90%! Just search for the desired book using the search bar on their site, pick your books, and enter your personal information. Shipping varies, but you’ll currently receive free shipping if your order is $55 or more. My favorite part is that you'll receive free instant access to your book via an eTextbook while you wait for your physical books to arrive in the mail.

Calculator Rentals

1. Graphtor

You'll save as much as $100 when you rent your graphing calculator at Graphtor. You can customize how long you want to keep your calculator—whether you need it for one month ($15), two months ($25) or three months ($30). You can also rent your calculator for an entire semester for $35 or even an entire year for $60! First Class shipping is completely free—even when you’re ready to return the calculator!

2. RentalCalculators

Renting a calculator with RentalCalculators is super-duper easy whether you place your order online or over the phone. Rental fees vary depending on the type of calculator, but most prices are around $11 a month. Shipping costs are reasonable, only $3.95 for First Class, and I got my calculator in two days! I love that you can keep the calculator for as long as you want. There are no late fees; you just have to pay as you go. When you’re done with your calculator, just send it back!

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