Who doesn’t love date night, right?

Even so, I bet you aren’t doing date nights with your spouse as often as you’d like to. But, no more!

Here are some ways to help you save money on your next date night:


1. Find specials in your area with Blackboard Eats.

Each day, Blackboard Eats offers specials that are typically 30% off certain restaurants. Get started in three easy steps:

  • Subscribe for restaurant deals.
  • You’ll have 48 hours to snag a deal.
  • Tell the restaurant your passcode.


2. After the kids go to bed, have drinks at home and get $3 cash back on wine with Ibotta.

Whether you are cooking at home or going out, always use Ibotta to get cash back on everyday purchases.

It’s seriously so simple, and I end up saving over $35 a month!


3. Hit up local happy hours with the help of Happy Hour Finder.

Instead of calling around or trying to remember what time happy hour is at your favorite spot, download the Happy Hour Finder app.

This allows you to easily view all the happy hour deals near you so you know when to get half-off appetizers or $3 off your favorite microbrews. If you haven’t already downloaded it… do it now!


4. Use Tablespoon to find cocktail recipes and make drinks at home.

Nobody likes paying $12 when you go out for a cocktail, so instead, make a date out of it!

Grab some cocktail recipes from Tablespoon by searching “cocktails,” get the ingredients, and compete to see who makes a better drink!

You’ll get more drinks for your money this way. Plus, the bragging rights that come with knowing “the best way” to make a martini.



5. Buy a discounted Fandango gift card from Raise.com.

If you’re in the mood for a movie but don’t want to pay steep theater prices, check out Raise.com to score a discounted Fandango, AMC, or Regal Cinemas gift card:


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6. Or, stay home and rent a Redbox movie (for free).

Skip the movie theater and cozy up on the couch with a glass of wine and a free (or discounted) Redbox rental.

Use these promo codes at your favorite Redbox kiosk:

  • DVDONME (valid at certain locations)
  • MPW32BK29DB7 ($1 off DVD, Blu-Ray or Game rental)

“Like” RedBox on Facebook and watch your newsfeed for tons of freebies, including free rental codes.

Join the Redbox text club, and a few times a month they will text codes for discounts or freebies.

Sign up for Redbox emails to get a free Redbox code. (Use your partner’s email and yours to score two codes!)


7. Snag FREE tickets to movie screenings in your area.

You can be the first to see new movies even before they hit theaters. Just enter your zip code on these sites for local screenings:

Even if there aren’t any showings scheduled in your area right now, they’ll notify you of future screenings if you register.



8. Watch free movies online with Popcornflix!

There are so many ways to stream free movies out there.

Popcornflix is a free app available on Android and iOS where you can stream free movies on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. No catch, just free movies!


9. Save up to 50% with Restaurant.com when you eat out.

You’ll never go out to eat again without checking this app first. Just enter in your zip code and see all the deals in your area. Once you’ve found a deal you want, buy the discounted gift card and save!

Some examples of savings:

  • $5 certificate for $2
  • $10 certificate for $4
  • $15 certificate for $6
  • $25 certificate for $10

Just remember that many restaurants have a minimum purchase, so be sure to read the fine print.


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10. “Like” your favorite restaurants on Facebook and sign up for their email list.

Many restaurants send free birthday meals, BOGO deals, and other promotions just for subscribing to their email notifications.

You can also view your month-to-month guide to getting free food at restaurants here.


11. Spend 10 minutes per day taking surveys, and save the money you earned for date night.

Get on these apps and start earning points towards free restaurant gift cards. It’s simple and easy. My friend does this when she has extra free time in her day and gets gift cards to use for dates!


12. Stay home and cook dinner with a meal kit like Blue Apron.

Would you rather skip the dinner rush and just stay home? Check out some of our favorite subscriptions that provide all the ingredients to cook one heck of a good meal!




13. Subscribe to Winc and save by buying wine in bulk.

Do you love subscriptions as much as I do? If yes, you have to try Winc. Get four bottles of red, white, or rose delivered right to your doorstep.

Use the code KCL25 for 25% off your first box!


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14. Or buy boxed wine from the store.

I have to admit, I hopped on the Black Box train and absolutely love it.

But, if you haven’t heard — Trader Joe’s now makes boxed wine, and it’s half the cost!!! Some wine snobs out there may think boxed wine is nasty, but when you’re ballin’ on a budget, any wine works if you have an aerator.

  • Black Box $20.39
  • Bota Box $19.19
  • The Naked Grape $17.19
  • Trader Joe’s Block 67 $11.99


15. Check Groupon or LivingSocial for activities and deals in your city.

Before I plan any date night, I always check to see what local deals are happening. Some of the best date night ideas include:

  • Cooking classes
  • Wine tastings (45%-54% off)
  • Ultimate date night package with movie and restaurant credit (69% off)
  • Painting classes (65% off)
  • Bowling (42% off)


16. Go to a local brewery or bar for (free) Trivia Night.

Via @elreycantinacam

There are always local bars offering trivia night on certain days of the week. Make a habit of hitting up local trivia nights for a fun and free date night by checking triviacompass.com!


17. Subscribe to a “Date Box” for fresh ideas to spice things up and get you out of a rut.

Sometimes staying home is the most relaxing and fun thing you can do for a date night.

Spice up your at-home date with a date box subscription! These boxes are unique and so much fun. One of the boxes has everything you need to make ice cream sundaes… yes please!



18. Go to lunch instead of dinner.

Not only will you save money, you will lessen the chance of having to wait for a table.

Lunch on a Saturday or Sunday tends to have the best specials, and it’s a bonus if the weather is nice and the restaurant has outdoor seating!


19. Or opt for free date ideas!

  • Set up a picnic
  • Go for a hike (Find hiking trails through websites like Backpacker.com or Trails.com)
  • Watch the sunset
  • Go fishing
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  • Be a tourist in your own city
  • Head to your local farmers market
  • Use Recreation.gov to find a camping spot
  • Find a farm near you to pick berries (Check out PickYourOwn.org to find a farm near you that allows you to pick your own fruits!)


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19 Best Ways to Save Money on Date Night