As an elementary teacher who always has a diverse group of students at various reading levels—finding appropriate books is a never-ending challenge. Enter my godsend—the Scholastic Warehouse Sales. Many parents are familiar with the four- to six-page newsprint catalogues that are sent home throughout the year, but the real literary jackpot comes in finding your local Scholastic Warehouse.

What is the Scholastic Warehouse?

Scholastic Warehouses host several sales a year for books, posters, school supplies—anything you would get at a school Scholastic Book Fair. Many items are 50% off. Just as the book fairs serve mostly elementary and middle school grades, the warehouse selection is the same.

Find a warehouse sale near you:

Maximize your savings

My favorite feature of these sales is the "Build A Box" section. They hand you a box, and you stuff it with as many books as you can for $24.95 plus tax. At my most recent sale, I got 14 fiction books (mostly chapter books) to fit inside my box. With a bit of Tetris practice, you can fit more.

In addition, at their big holiday sales, you can get $10 and $25 off of minimum purchases of $50 and $100, respectively. You will find the coupons for these on their website.

How my savings added up

At my last sale, I bought the 14 books from the “Build A Box” section and 13 additional books from the rest of the warehouse. All but one of the 13 books was 50% off. The other was 20% off.

All 27 books (with my $10 off) came out to $67.48 or about $2.50 per book. This was really powerful for me, especially given that one of the science books I bought for my classroom was a glossy and high-quality National Geographic that originally cost $18.99!

This is a guest post by Shaoni from San Diego, California.

Scholastic Warehouses: This Is How I Bought 27 Books for Only $67