Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I’m an Amazon addict. I blame Prime 2-day shipping. Ever since I earned a free membership years ago, I’ve been hooked. The UPS guy’s loss is my gain! I swear that man hates me and my steep driveway. But, alas, instead of making shopping lists, I just hop on Amazon, purchase one product and check out. It happens at least four times per week—don’t judge me. I told you already, I’m addicted.

Sometimes I know I’m getting a great deal, especially when I find it on KCL! Other times, I think I’m paying a premium for the convenience, and it’s difficult to tell whether the price is actually a deal. I don’t trust the percent-savings on Amazon because I’ve seen that number inflated on numerous occasions, and it’s lost all credibility with me.

I’m not sure whether this site is new or not, but it’s new to me and holy cow (or camel), it’s gold! If you’re a fellow Amazon addict, you’ve got to check out CamelCamelCamel.com. I have no idea why the name, so don’t ask me. The website tracks Amazon prices and shows you a graph of the price change over time, so I can tell very clearly whether the Amazon price today is a good deal in relation to its price over the last few months!

Additionally, I can set up an alert on any particular product on Amazon. For example, I’ve been wanting a Bob Revolution Stroller for ages, but I just can’t pay over $300 for a stroller. I heave a little just thinking about the price. So, I’ve tracked the product on CamelCamelCamel and asked them to alert me if the price drops below $300. Then I wait impatiently, pray and eat—not necessarily in that order, though.

I just discovered this site, and I have a feeling that a week from now, I’ll have set up about a hundred more price alerts. This isn’t a path to recovery, but it’s going to make me a smarter Amazon shopper and in the long run, save me money. Now, between KCL and the camels, my UPS man had better buckle up.

The Secret to Tracking Amazon Prices