Personally, I love to savor the little luxuries in life, and one of my favorite luxuries is when my phone is eligible for an upgrade! Since I’m attached at the hip to my phone, it’s usually in pretty rough shape by the time my upgrade rolls around, so I love taking it in and walking out with a bright, new shiny one! After my most recent upgrade, I tossed my old phone into my junk drawer only to realize that there were about four other phones in there! Fortunately, you don’t have to take up valuable junk drawer space with those old electronics…you can actually turn them in and get cash. Here are six of the best places to trade in those old and busted phones for some major bucks

1. Gazelle

One of the oldest and most well-established companies for trading in electronics, Gazelle accepts phones from brands such as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola and Nokia, as well as tablets and Apple computers. Simply search for your product, get a quote, and ship it for free! One of the most unique features to Gazelle is that in addition to receiving payment via check or PayPal, Gazelle offers sellers the option of being paid via Amazon gift card, which is a great option for us Amazon addicts! Another nice feature to Gazelle is that they accept items that are broken—including phones with cracked screens and missing buttons.

2. Target

Although you may not have realized it, Target actually accepts over 20 thousand items for trade-in at more than 1, 400 store locations! They’ll buy your old iPhones, tablets, smartphones, e-readers and video games. Simply take your item to any participating Target store, get a quote, and walk out with a Target gift card. I used this program to trade in my first generation iPad for the latest model and managed to get a credit of nearly $100! If you don’t feel like going in to the store, no worries. You can also trade in your items through their online service, which also accepts laptops.

3. BuyMyTronics

Owned by Gamestop, BuyMyTronics will buy old cellphones, iPads, game consoles and more. They’re also one of the few companies that will purchase broken and non-working phones. BuyMyTronics also offers competitive pricing, with 4G iPhone 4s going for as much as $66, and the fourth generation iPod Touch fetching as much as $69! Buymytronics also offers free shipping and will send your payment via PayPal once your item has been received and reviewed.

4. TuneCycle

If you’re an Apple fanatic then you’ve probably got a few old iPods and iPhones lying around your house. TuneCycle specializes in Apple products and will buy everything from Nanos to Shuffles to Minis and more! To sell to TuneCycle, use their online calculator to find out the value of your item, add the quote to your cart, and check out. You’ll be emailed a prepaid shipping label, and once the item is received and inspected, you’ll be mailed a check! TuneCycle is also a great place to pick up a used Apple product or to trade in your old one for an updated version at a price well below retail.

5. uSell

Most of the companies that buy used electronics tend to work in the same way, buying the items themselves, which they will then resell. uSell, however, works a little bit differently by showing you offers from a variety of different buyers. Once you select your item, you’ll be shown the top offers from their network of buyers—all of which offer free shipping and quick payment. One of the coolest features to uSell is that they don’t simply take electronics—you can get quotes on unwanted gift cards and clothing, as well!

6. ExchangeMyPhone

If you’ve been wanting to give a check to your favorite charity, but you just haven’t had the means to do it, ExchangeMyPhone may be the perfect option for you! In addition to offering up cold, hard cash for your old phone, ExchangeMyPhone gives you the option to send your payment to any U.S. charity! The site, which works in the same way as those listed above, accepts various Apple and Android phones, as well as iPads. And let’s face it–getting rid of that drawer of junk and helping out those in need is definitely a win-win situation!

6 Ways to Get Cash for Your Old Phone