I see my smartphone as prime real estate space and in order for an app to make the cut, it has to treat me like a queen with discounts and shortcuts.

Because let’s face it — some apps rock and others are a flop.

No time for losers on your smartphone, right? Here are some apps that’ll save you money or time — sometimes both.


1. Use “Store Mode” in the Macy’s app to Scan & Pay.

Store Mode allows you to scan barcodes to doublecheck pricing and request the lower price. But a new and genius feature is Scan & Pay — available at most Macy’s stores.

Link your bank account or credit card to the Macy’s app. Then scan the barcode of an item you want to buy, head to the Scan & Pay station, scan your smartphone and go.

Plus, new app users get 25% off their first in-app purchase.


2. Scan physical coupons you get in the mail with the Kohl’s app.

Sometimes Kohl’s sends coupons in the mail that aren’t available online.

When you get one of these, scan it with the Kohl’s app so you have it with you next time you get a last-minute urge to shop Kohl’s during your kids’ soccer practice.


3. Customize your offers in the Dick’s Sporting Goods app and never miss a sale.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods app gives you instant access to your Scorecard points (instead of asking a cashier every time).

But the best part is the ability to personalize offers so you can quickly see if there’s a sale on items you buy a lot. I follow Team Sports sales because my kids need new shoes and equipment literally every season.


4. Access Cartwheel dollar- and percent-off offers in the Target app.

The Target app is all about Cartwheel offers. I mean, sure, you can use it to scan items in-store to see if pricing is accurate, but Cartwheel offers are the main reason to put the Target app on your phone.

Tap “Wallet” and then “Coupons” to see any number of available mobile coupons like “Free $5 Target Gift Card with a $15 beauty purchase.”


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5. Pay using Walmart Pay inside the Walmart app for price adjustments.

Say adios to scanning QR codes on your receipt with Savings Catcher.

Instead of scanning your receipt with Savings Catcher to get money back if a competitor sells your item for cheaper than Walmart, you need to use Walmart Pay to get a price match.

It’s inside the Walmart app still — just plan to pay with Walmart Pay and use your phone to scan your e-receipt at the register. Find out more about Walmart’s latest change to Savings Catcher.



6. Scan items with the JCPenney app to see if the online price is cheaper.

Use the JCPenney app as your secret weapon for quickly finding out if the item is sold for less on JCPenney’s website.

Since JCPenney price matches their own website, ask for the lower price when you’re in-store! Here are a few other things you might not know about shopping at JCPenney.


7. Scan your prescription with the Walgreens app to get refills.

In addition to housing digital store and manufacturer coupons and also managing your Balance Rewards account, the Walgreens app practically automates prescription refills.

Scan the barcode on your medication to request a refill.


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8. Get app-only deals when you download the CVS app.

You should definitely link your ExtraCare Rewards card to the CVS app so you can earn 2% back on everything you buy.

Beyond that, you can also access app-only deals like $3 off an $18 vitamin purchase or 15% off your total purchase.


9. Use the Amazon app to price match at Target.

Scan any item at Target with the Amazon app and if you find it cheaper on Amazon, head over to Target’s customer service to ask for the lower Amazon price.

Or just buy it on Amazon right then and there!


10. Use voice search inside the Home Depot app to ask about savings.

You can ask the Home Depot app to show you today’s savings or help you find an item.

Tap the microphone icon in the search bar and say “Show me today’s savings” or “Do you sell Glidden paint?”

Easier than searching manually online or asking someone in-store!

Find out more ways to save at Home Depot.


11. Get access to Smart Coupons through the Family Dollar app.

“Smart Coupons” at Family Dollar store is an umbrella term for both store and manufacturer coupons. They’re digital coupons, which makes it easy to browse for a certain coupon if you’re in the store making a purchase.

Learn how to save the most money at Family Dollar Store.



12. Scan QR codes on products with the Best Buy app to price compare.

When you scan an item’s QR code in the Best Buy store, you’ll see product details and current pricing.

This is especially handy for electronics shopping because there are so many details to compare in order to determine if an item is a good price.

Scan codes on two items you want to compare to simplify the buying process. Get more Best Buy shopping tips.


13. Download the Hobby Lobby app and always have a 40%-off coupon.

Hobby Lobby keeps an active 40% off coupon inside the Hobby Lobby app at all times, so you don’t have to worry about printing a hard copy!

Psst. . . there are a couple more ways to save at Hobby Lobby too!


14. Create a pet profile in the PetSmart app to earn a $2.50 reward.

Take a few minutes to fill out information about your pet inside the PetSmart app and you’ll get rewarded with 1,000 points toward a “treat.”

A “treat” is what PetSmart calls a reward you can redeem like cash. You’ll get a $2.50 “treat” for every 1,000 points you earn.


15. Link your Amazon Prime account to the Whole Foods app to save.

If you’re a Prime member and you’re shopping at Whole Foods, link your Prime account to the Whole Foods app.

Then when you go to check out, show the cashier the code on your app and get up to 10% off select items.

Items that’ll give you that extra 10% off are noted in the store.


16. Get coupons that aren’t online when you download the Staples app.

You’ll find a few in-store only coupons when you get the Staples app. As an example, right now there’s 20% back in rewards on color printing and free shredding services (up to 2 lb.).

Just scan the barcode at checkout to apply coupons!



17. Find app-exclusive offers inside the Office Depot app.

When you download the Office Depot app, you’ll see a “Mystery Coupon” that you can get when you log in or create an account.

Mystery Coupon offers vary but one example is “Get a free notebook with a $50 ink purchase.” This freebie is worth about $14 — not too shabby!


18. Get the DSW app just for the Clearance Calculator.

Math isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, and DSW knows it. Inside their app is a handy Clearance Calculator.

Just tap “Shop” and enter the price tag you see to find out what the actual price is.

Learn how to afford your shoe addiction too, while you’re at it.


19. Add coupons to your “wallet” in the Michaels app to keep them handy.

This will help you to avoid searching the website for a coupon to scan when you’re in-store.

The Michaels app will also manage your rewards points so you can always see if you have points to spend before you get to check out.


20. Get bonus coupons just for downloading the Jo-Ann Fabric app.

And I mean good bonus coupons! Like 50% off any regular-priced item.

The best part about the Jo-Ann app though is you can use coupons twice. Just be sure they’re from different sources. Like one from the website, and one from the app. Or one from the physical flyer and one from the website.

Find out why Jo-Ann gives Hobby Lobby a run for their money on price.


21. Check if your item is in stock and its location in-store with the IKEA app.

The IKEA app may not save you money outright, but honestly, when it comes to shopping at IKEA, time is money — because the longer I’m there, the more I spend.

You can look up items on the IKEA app from your home and find out where they’re located in the store and whether they’re currently in-stock.

If I can get in and out of IKEA faster on days I don’t want to spend my life there, it’s a win.


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