You may have heard me profess my love of Amazon more than once. I love the selection, the free super saver shipping and, of course, the comfort of shopping from home! However, the one thing that I hate about shopping on Amazon is the constant price changes. I never know if I should buy something or hold out a little bit longer in the hopes of a price drop. Fortunately, making that decision is a little bit easier with the Amazon price-tracking website, The Tracktor.

What is The Tracktor? is a very simple, easy-to-use site that will allow you to set customized emails, alerting you when a product you’ve been eyeing on Amazon has dropped in price! The site also features graphs which show you the product history so you can see just how high and low the price on a certain items has even been, making it easier than ever to gauge whether the current price of an item is a good deal.

How does it work?

To get started, simply search for the item that you want to watch on The site will then bring up all of the items on Amazon that match your description. Once you select an item, you’ll be able to view the statistics and price history and set your price tracker. You’ll have to input whether you want the item new, used or either, and you can even set a specific alert if the items drops below a certain price.

How often do they check prices?

Although it depends on how many items are currently being tracked, ensures that every item is checked more than two times each day.

What else can you do on The Tracktor?

One of my favorite things to do on is to check out their "movers" section. This part of the site will show you items that have recently had steep price drops. Last time I checked out the top movers, I spotted a $995 Dell laptop with a recent price drop of $170, Men’s Invicta watches that had recently taken a $36 price drop to $59.99, and even a $100 Ryobi Drill that had dropped $34! If you love finding deals, you may find yourself bookmarking the movers page and making it one of your daily stops!

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