My best friend is a cash-envelope girl. You know, the kind who thinks VISA is a four-letter word. She makes all her purchases with cash—all of them! A Ramsey-worshipping woman, she’s a prime candidate for mugging so I won’t tell you her name. Even though I tease her, sticking to cash has kept her within budget for years, while I struggle not to cheat month after month.

Every self-proclaimed financial guru can tell you to set a budget, but the ah-ha strategy that finally worked for me was loading my allotted budget onto a free, prepaid Visa, then leaving my credit cards at home. Now I’m able to retain the convenience of paying with a card (and the ability to cancel the card or change the pin after my mugging). I use the card for everything. In fact after my first successful month, I decided to get multiple cards the next month: $250 for grocery shopping, $100 for clothing, and $80 for entertainment! Whether it's my monthly grocery bill, my holiday budget, or even vacation spending, I'm committed to avoiding impulse buys and staying within budget using my free, prepaid debit card.



Use Prepaid Visa Cards to Stick to Your Budget