You’ll have an opportunity to save money practically every day in 2017.

Whether your goal is to save for a vacation, a college fund, or a fun night out — we’ve compiled a list of 99 ways to start saving today:


1. Use KCL’s app to get coupons, find the best deals on groceries, and more!

2. Reuse rainwater. Collect the water and use it to hydrate your garden.

3. Plan a girls’ night in instead of girls’ night out.

4. Take your own mug or tumbler into Starbucks and get a $0.10 discount!

5. Tear cotton balls, baby wipes, and makeup wipes in half to get more mileage out of them.

6. Shut vents in unused rooms. You don’t need to heat or cool a room if nobody is using it!

7. Get your hair done at a local beauty school for heavily discounted rates (or for free!)

8. BYOB. (Bag!) If you live in a city that charges bag fees, bring your own bag to the grocery store to avoid a $0.05-$0.10 charge.

9. Skip expensive air purifiers and use houseplants to remove toxins from your home.

10. Enjoy happy hour drinks and food specials instead of paying full price for dinner and drinks.

11. Complete DIY home projects instead of hiring someone else.


12. Try home remedies instead of buying over-the-counter meds when you have a cold.

13. Run your washer and dryer at night to avoid peak energy rates.

14. Skip premium gas — stick with regular. (Most cars don’t need premium anyway.)

15. Save and use the free envelopes you get with other bills and junk mail.

16. Buy paint from the “oops” bin. Spend $10 or less on a gallon of paint instead of $30.

17. Break off the end of broccoli heads before you check out. Yes, it really saves you money.



18. Turn off the “heated dry function” on your dishwasher to let dishes air dry.

19. Share Prime, Hulu and Netflix subscriptions with family members. Yasssss.

20. Make your own coffee. You will save $15-$100/month.

21. Drink less alcohol.

22. Keep the change. Save any and all change in a jar and set it aside.

23. Sell unused household items on OfferUp or LetGo.

24. Write a list before you go grocery shopping and stick to it. No wandering!

25. Negotiate rates with your credit card company. Yes, this really works.

26. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. Yeah, I just went there. Not flushing every time can save about $8/year.

27. Cancel any unused memberships like tanning, magazine, gym, Costco, etc.

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28. Use Trim to help you cancel all those unnecessary subscriptions.

29. Check out these apps to find fun, free events and activities in your city.

30. Use BillCutterz to let the pros negotiate lower monthly bills for you.

31. Buy staples like rice, coconut oil, and laundry detergent in bulk.

32. Get paid just by installing Shop Tracker or SavvyConnect on your phone.

33. Make your own cleaning supplies.

34. Always ask companies to waive your fees on bills.

35. Carpool with a co-worker to save on fuel expenses.

36. Cut your landline and save up to $30/month.

37. Dial down the water temperature.

38. Set a timer when you shower. Using less water can save as much as $5-$10/month on your water bill.

39. Wash laundry in cold water. Heating the water takes up 90% of the energy used to run the washing machine.

40. Don’t shop when you’re hungry. Seriously.

41. Negotiate your cable bill.

42. Use a rebate app like Ibotta, and save up to $500/year!

43. Use Paribus to help you get price adjustments on items you buy online.

44. Sign up for store loyalty programs that earn you points that translate into cash back.

45. Ditch cable and save $30-$100/month.

46. Buy a reusable K-Cup and fill it with your own ground coffee.

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47. Sign up for Ebates to get cash back for shopping.

48. Save 30% on your grocery bill by purchasing generic instead of name brand items.

49. Share internet with a neighbor.

50. Hang-dry your clothes to save $10/month on your electricity bill.

51. Sign up for texts and emails at your favorite stores to receive promotional discounts like 20% off your first purchase.

52. Go for the clearance meat.

53. Buy refurbished Mac laptops or computers instead of full-price, brand new ones.

54. Refinance your mortgage if it makes sense.

55. Rent books and DVDs from the library instead of purchasing or renting them online.

56. Turn down your heat to save around $10-$20/month on your gas bill.

57. Check to see if you can get a cheaper monthly rate on garbage service, then start recycling and composting.

58. Shop the 13 things you should always buy at Dollar Tree.

59. Shop at the local thrift store or ThreadUp.

60. Buy discounted movie tickets at Costco. What a deal.

61. Set financial goals with budgeting apps like You Need a Budget or BillGuard.

62. Walk or bike to work save anywhere from $30-$400/month.

63. Make your own shaving cream, face mask, body scrub, and hair mask.

64. Take advantage of free fitness classes. Many gyms offer a free trial membership for one week or longer.

65. Or just forget the gym membership. Watch free workout videos online from home!

66. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.

67. Find local movie deals like $5 Tuesdays instead of going to an evening showing.

68. Grow your own herbs and/or vegetables.

69. Meatless Mondays! Cutting meat from one meal per week can save you money.

70. Sign up for birthday discounts.

71. Join Dorco to save on high-quality razors.

72. Vacation during the off-season to get lower rates on flights and hotels.

73. Park your car and use public transportation.

74. Buy produce from your local farmers market.

75. Switch to a different bank and get a sign-up bonus.

76. Download GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas around you.

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77. Keep your car maintained. Ignoring small problems could lead to more expensive repairs!

78. Unplug unused TVs, phone chargers, and gaming systems to save money on your electricity bill.

79. Downgrade your internet to a slower speed.

80. Put a glass jar in your toilet to save money each time you flush.

81. Re-purpose old furniture instead of buying new.

82. Don’t toss out old fruit! Freeze it and use it in smoothies. YUM.

83. Get member perks, without paying for a membership — we’ll show you how!



84. Buy discounted gift cards at and save 12-15%.

85. Use RetailMeNot to find the best deals when shopping.

86. Buy trail mix or other snacks in bulk and individually package them yourself.

87. Water down body wash, shampoo, and soap to use every last bit.

88. Cut sponges in half.

89. Ask for “ugly” produce. You’ll get the produce discounted, or even free!

90. Learn each grocery store’s secrets to save the most money.

91. Let Deal Squad find you the best deals by comparing online prices.

92. Cut dryer sheets in half and make them last longer.

93. Use coupons on top of sale items for ultimate savings.

94. Watch YouTube videos to fix things around the house instead of hiring someone.

95. Learn how to change the oil in your car instead of paying for it.

96. Know what to buy and what not to buy from Amazon.

97. Don’t eat the free samples. You’ll end up buying them.

98. Create a stockpile that gives you savings all year. (We’ll show you how to build a stockpile for under $10/week!)

99. Stop throwing away items that (almost) never go bad.


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99 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2017