Of course, Amazon is a go-to for holiday shopping, with its free two-day Prime shipping and redonkulous deals.

Other retailers are trying to play catch-up, but with new partnerships, new tech and even a new physical store, Amazon just keeps on trucking.

Here are 6 pretty exciting things to watch for by the end of the year:


1. New Alexa devices will interact with your car, sound system and kitchen.

Amazon Echo was just the beginning, apparently. At least 8 new Alexa-powered devices will hit stores before the end of the year.

More info is coming out soon about these devices, but you can count on a $60.00 microwave oven; sound gear like subwoofers, amplifiers and receivers; and some sort of in-car device.


2. A new brick-and-mortar store is selling products rated 4 stars and higher.

Amazon continues to get into the physical store game — first with Whole Foods, then with Amazon Go, and now with Amazon 4-Star.

Amazon 4-Star just opened its first location in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, selling Amazon products rated 4 stars or higher.



3. Look out for 10 Amazon convenience stores by year’s end.

Seattle already has a couple of cashierless stores, called Amazon Go, and they seem to like it. There will be 10 of those stores open by the end of the year, and Amazon recently said it wants to have 50 open next year and 3,000 by 2021.


4. Amazon’s partnership with SnapChat lets you buy stuff by taking a photo.

Take a photo of a product — even your girlfriend’s shoes that you love — and SnapChat will find it on Amazon for you to buy.

You can also scan a barcode, too, but that’s not nearly as fun.

SnapChat says it’s going to be a slow rollout, but some users have already started to see the new feature.



5. You can ask your new Alexa microwave to order you a Christmas tree (probably).

Still pretty stunned that you can skip the tree lot entirely this year and get free Prime shipping on a real Christmas tree.


6. They’re worth more than a trillion dollars.

Yeah, last month Amazon joined Apple as the second member of the trillion dollar company club.


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