1. Spray on dry shampoo before you go to bed.

Your hair produces oils while you sleep, which can cause greasy, flat hair—not good if you’re not planning to wash your hair in the morning. Spray dry shampoo on before bed, and wake up with voluminous hair.


2. Use cornstarch if you run out of dry shampoo.

Pour some cornstarch onto a plate or bowl, and use an old makeup brush to apply it to the roots of your hair.


3. Condition hair while you exercise.

Before you go to the gym, apply a deep conditioner to your hair and then put it up into a bun. The time, and the heat from your body, will help the conditioner set in.

Note: Limit your workout to less than an hour. Leaving moisturizer in for longer could lead to over-conditioned hair, eventually making it more prone to breakage.



4. Brush your hair before showering to prevent clogged drains and tangled locks.


5. Build muscle by wearing wrist weights while blow-drying your hair.


6. Tame static-prone hair by putting a dryer sheet over your brush’s bristles.


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7. Use an empty Tic-Tac container to hold bobby pins.

Decorate it (washi tape works well!), and you’ll be more apt to use it and stay organized.



8. Spray bobby pins with hairspray before using for a stronger hold.

Prevent bobby pins from slipping out of your hair by making them sticky with a bit of hairspray.


9. Keep done hair out of the way while you do your makeup with alligator clips and playing cards.

The cards prevent creases in your hair while keeping your hairstyle intact.


10. Spray a toothbrush with hairspray to tame flyaways.


11. Use Command hooks to organize styling tools.


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11 Hairstyling Hacks Every Woman Should Know