I have always been a relatively thin person, but I haven't always been a fit person. When I was young, this was no problem. But as I get older, I notice the pounds creeping on, since I don't exercise enough to keep my metabolism steady and my muscle-to-fat ratio high. From chewing my food more thoroughly to becoming more educated about which foods are really "healthy," to finding enough time to add regular workouts into my busy life, I plan to give these apps a whirl and see if they help me change my lazy ways!

If you have made New Year’s health resolutions, you may enjoy these apps as well!

Losing weight + saving cash

One of the best rewards of losing weight is how it can save you cash in the short- and long-term.

The three biggest ways losing weight can save you cash (for more see Business Insider):

  • Lower medical bills. When you lose weight and get fit, you lower your risk of obesity-related diseases—and often your insurance premiums too!
  • Higher income. Studies show that trim people earn on average 15% more than heavy people—and are more likely to receive raises and promotion opportunities.
  • Lower transportation costs. As it turns out, it takes more fuel to power a vehicle when the vehicle is carrying more weight. You will save about 2% per 100 lbs. annually on your fuel costs when you slim down.

5 Great new diet apps

These apps can help you achieve health, diet, and fitness goals—each in their own way.

1. Chew Maestro

Science tells us that chewing each mouthful of food well is a critical part of staying healthy. For weight loss in particular, chewing food well helps our mind and body stay in sync with how hungry or full we really are. This app helps by ticking along with you as you eat, and playing an alert tone when it’s time to swallow and take another bite (you set the pace and the alert sound).

2. Fooducate

Fooducate is the app you want with you at the grocery store when you’re about to nab that bag of chips which expressly isn’t on your New Year's "healthy eating" menu.

Fooducate uses an in-app barcode scanner to scan and rate each item before you pop it in your cart. The rating reflects nutritional value (or lack thereof) with a "grade." If you don't like the grade your item receives, you can use the Fooducate database of 200,000+ items to scan for something healthier. Best of all, you can track your progress towards your health and weight loss goals.

3. Fitocracy

Fitocracy helps you get fit for free, and then rewards you as you make progress towards your goal. You can earn badges and points (towards free fitness coaching)—and tell your friends you used the same app to get as fit as Miss America 2013!

If you need extra motivation, you can hire a personal coach for $1/day (that’s $30/month for a personal trainer, when the average personal trainer today charges $30 per half hour session!).

4. The Official 7 Minute Workout App 

What if you could get the same burn—and the same weight loss benefit—from a 7-minute workout instead of a 60-minute workout? (Right now you're probably thinking, "Sign me up!"—which puts you in good company with the millions of folks who have already downloaded this app!).

The Official 7 Minute Workout App incorporates video instruction, music (a workout must!), and a timer to help you get the most out of your daily 7 minutes. Best of all, you can choose from different 7-minute workouts so you never get bored!

5. C25K

If you’ve ever wanted to run a 5K (about 3.1 miles), this app is your ticket to achieving your goal. The app is geared especially towards first-time runners, although runners of all levels can use it with great benefit.

The app includes tracking (calories, distance), an in-app health kit, audio-based coaching, synced music (with your own playlist), and real-life success stories. All you need is 30 minutes three times per week to be on your way to running your first 5K!


5 Free Diet Apps That Will Help You Save Calories and Cash