Like any fashionable yippie (that’s a yuppie/hippie hybrid for those of you who don’t speak my language), my mothership is Anthropologie. I would personally describe my favorite store as whimsically haute and shabby chic-sophisticated, with just a little bit of twee and a whole lot of pretty. Oh yeah, and how could I forget—Anthropologie is a whole lot of expensive too. Only in my “I bought a ton of Apple stock at its initial 1980 IPO” multimillionaire dreams can I purchase full-price apparel and home decor at Anthropologie. As part of my fiscally-responsible “I’ve-got-a-mortgage-to-pay” real life, I use a wide variety of money-saving strategies to score Anthropologie goods for less. Here are four of my best tips:

1. Real vs. steal: search for Anthropologie knockoffs at lower-priced retailers

If you want the Anthropologie look without the Anthropologie price tag, search for knockoffs at lower-priced retailers including, but not limited to: Target, World Market, ModCloth, IKEA, Sears, JCPenney and Below are two examples of Anthropologie knockoffs:

Real: Anthropologie Heart Intarsia Cardi; $98 at
Steal: ModCloth Best Heart About It Cardigan; $34.99 at
Savings: $63.01 (a 64% savings!)

Real: Anthroplogie Marseille Coverlet Quilt (Queen); $198 at
Steal: Ink Blue and Aqua Simone Quilt (Queen); $79.99 at
Savings: $180.01 (a 60% savings!)

2. Copycat crafts: save money with DIY Anthropologie-inspired knockoffs

Part of the charm of Anthropologie’s merchandise, especially their home items, is that they often give off a homemade, crafty vibe. Why pay top dollar to get that handmade look, when you can actually create Anthropolgie-inspired apparel and home decor with your own glue-gun sticky and glitter-covered, crafty hands. The Web is chock full of DIY Anthropologie tutorials that range in difficulty from “my 9-year-old could do this” to “Masters in Fine Arts/Carpentry Contractor License required.” Here are a couple of examples of DIY Anthropologie knockoff crafts that fall on the easier end of the spectrum:

For more DIY Anthropolgie knockoff crafts, check out Buzzfeed’s 50 DIY Anthropologie Hacks for Every Facet of Your Life. Also, try some of these search terms on Pinterest: “DIY Anthropologie”; “Anthropologie Knockoffs”; “Anthropologie Crafts”; “Anthropologie Tutorial”; and “Anthropologie Copycat”.

3. Work hard for the money clothes: get a job at Anthropologie and enjoy a substantial employee discount

Urban Outfitters, Inc. is a retail company that includes not only Anthropologie, but also Urban Outfitters (trendy, juniors’ apparel/decor), BHLDN (bridal apparel/decor), FP Pet Project (pet accessories from Free People) and Terrain (garden center/nursery and cafe). Urban Outfitters, Inc. offers one of the most generous employee discount programs in the retail industry. Here’s an overview of the Urban Outfitters, Inc. employee discount program:

Discount for employees: 

  • 40% off of regular-priced apparel, accessories and shoes in stores and online. Apparel and accessory exceptions:
    • 25% off Urban Outfitters beauty, Men’s & Women’s watches
    • 25% off Anthropologie estate jewelry
    • 25% off BHLDN merchandise
    • 25% off FP Pet Project
  • 25% off all regular-priced home/apartment merchandise, Anthropologie infant/child.
  • 25% off Terrain regular-priced merchandise in stores and online.
  • 20% discount at the Terrain café for Employees and one guest. Excludes alcoholic beverages and the purchase of gift certificates.
  • According to a current Anthropologie employee, each month there’s a new list of “sixties”—a list of select items that are available at a 60% discount for employees.

Discount for eligible users:

Employees may nominate eligible users (Urban Outfitters, Inc. doesn’t disclose how many eligible users each employee may nominate). An eligible user may include father, mother, sister, brother, children, step-parent, step-sibling, step-children and your spouse or, when unmarried, a significant other. Eligible users receive the following discounts:

  • 25% off all regular-priced merchandise in stores and online (FP Pet Project excluded).
  • During employee appreciation periods, eligible users may receive 40% off all regularly priced and red-lined sale priced merchandise (25% off FP Pet Project).
  • Changes to the significant other may be made three times a year. The payroll department will give advance notice of when these changes may be made.
  • An employee who is terminated for cause is never permitted to be another employee's eligible user.

Discount for temporary employees:

The employee discount discussed above applies equally to part-time, full-time and temporary employees. Temporary employees are employees who are hired for finite, and usually short, periods of time—for example, seasonal/holiday workers and workers hired just for inventory projects.

4. When you wish upon a sale: save big with the Anthropologie wishlist “hack”

Click here to create a digital wishlist online at While this is a free service, it does require that you sign up for a (free) Anthropologie account. You can add any item available at to your digital wishlist. Whenever an item on your wishlist goes on sale, you will be notified via email! Helpful, right? Also, be on the lookout for “popbacks,” which are items on your wishlist that were sold out but then later became available because a customer returned it. Since Anthropologie has a lenient return policy (up to a year for some items), popback items are common and usually heavily discounted. I’ve snagged many popback items on my wishlist for up to 85% off their original price. Some wishes do come true!



4 of My Favorite Ways to Save at Anthropologie