Road trips are not like other trips. First of all, you spend a lot more time in the car. Your main entertainment revolves around whatever you see whizzing by as you drive past. You get to explore nooks and crannies you might not notice any other way. You are also dependent upon the resources of the open road in a way no other type of travel demands. Thankfully, this is the "digital age," which means there are tons of free apps to help you create a truly memorable, wonderful road trip experience!

1. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers gives you one-stop access to turn-by-turn directions, odd little local attractions, great diners, and even free guides to some of the most popular road trip itineraries. Once you have your basic itinerary outlined, you can sync your online work with the app and edit on the go.

2. Travel Math

Travel Math is an online calculator that helps you determine the best and cheapest routes from one place to another. Travel Math wraps in distance, time, and cost to help you evaluate all your travel options.

3. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is your must-have app to learn in advance what to expect weather-wise during your road trip. This app can help you pack, do the appropriate pre-travel vehicle maintenance, and even reorganize your route in advance if you see bad weather ahead.

4. Roadfood

Roadfood will guide you to the best local and regional eateries along your road trip route. Most of the listed eateries will be informal and inexpensive—all will be delicious. The mobile website is optimized for all devices. You can also take part in Roadfood's Eating Tours, which introduce travelers to the "best of the best" local cuisine.

5. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is considered by many to be "the" app for booking travel on the go. You can use the app in many ways—whether you prefer to book a full five nights in advance, find great discount deals at the very last minute, find the best hotels for safety and amenities, and much more. Best of all, you can book while on the go in just a couple taps and swipes.

6. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is the Hotel Tonight of fueling your road trip route. You can plan your route in advance and also find the cheapest gas all along the way. The app also allows you to search in advance throughout the U.S.A. and Canada by city/state or zip code if you notice you’re getting low on fuel and don't see a gas station in sight.

7. Trapster

It goes without saying that some of the magic of a fun road trip is lost once you get pulled over and ticketed. This app can help you avoid that fate. Find out in advance about speed traps, speed cameras, traffic cameras, sudden speed changes, traffic accidents, construction, heavy traffic, and other road trip hazards. Best of all, Trapster helps you avoid racking up tickets, fines, and fees along your route—absolutely free!

8. AAA's TripTik

AAA doesn't have a reputation as one of the most trusted trip planning resources in the world for no reason. This app gives you access to mobile trip planning, mapping, route options, but you also get so much more. Find AAA-approved restaurants, hotels, and mechanics (you just never know when your vehicle may require a bit of "on the go" assistance!)

9. Field Trip

If you’re a more spontaneous road tripper and like to be surprised along your route, you’ll love Field Trip. This app runs continuously as you drive, alerting you when you are about to happen across a neat local landmark. Also learn about locals-only entertainment, eateries, historical sites, and more.

10. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet was created by a world-traveling couple who has been continuously traveling since 2010. This comprehensive app helps you track your trip budget in detail by category, with a simple and clear interface that takes only seconds to master.



10 Free Apps that Can Catapult Your Road Trip from Good to Great