This post is for all of you who’ve been hanging back, reading about eCoupons, but who’ve not yet chosen to jump on the bandwagon!  I’m going to show you just how EASY it is to save money with electronic coupons!  eCoupons are the easiest coupons to use–bar none!  I’m going to talk specifically about cellfire coupons today.  You can use cellfire coupons at any of the following stores:

Once you load eCoupons to your shopper card, when you buy an item for which you’ve loaded a coupon, the savings will automatically be deducted when you check out.  You won’t have to do anything or say anything at all!  You’ll just see the savings reflected on your receipt!

Don’t delay any longer, sign up for Cellfire today.  It’s totally Free!

Step One: Click a cellfire link on KCL, and you’ll be taken to the page below.  Select the offers that appeal to you, (we suggest loading all the offers–you never know which coupons you’re going to need), then click “Get Selected Coupons”. If it’s your first time loading coupons, also click on the blue link “Register for FREE!”

Step Two:  Enter your phone, year of birth, zip and email; then click “Register”.

Step Three:  Click “Browse Offers”.

Step 4:  Now’s the time to add your preferred card phone number!

Step 5:  Select your offers, and click “save to card”.  To view what’s currently on your card, click “total saved offers” on the left side.

Now you’re ready to head out the door to the grocery store!

Don’t delay any longer, sign up for Cellfire today.  It’s totally Free!