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The policy is copied below, along with my commentary.  To print the official policy, I suggest printing directly from  If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

You’ll want to read all the way to the bottom of this new policy.  The highlight– we can now redeem competitor Catalinas, including Walgreens Register Rewards AT SAFEWAY!  Woot!

Manufacturer and Store Coupons:

1. Coupons are redeemable only by a customer purchasing the specific brands and product(s) stated on the coupon, with the face value of the coupon deducted from your retail or club card price.
2. Coupons must be for products sold at Safeway and coupons must be presented at the time of the transaction.
3. Coupons are subject to advertised offer limitations and all limitations and restrictions on coupon.
4. Coupons cannot be applied against the free item received in any offer where a customer buys one or more items to get one or more items free.

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $4.99
Store Promo: Buy One Oscar Mayer Hot Dog, Get One Free
Use ONE $1.00/1 coupon (this is saying  we can’t use two)
Final Price: $3.99 for two packages of hot dogs

5. Coupon amount may be reduced so that any combined discounts and coupons do not exceed the value of the item. See number 12 below.

Thank you!  This is going to be valuable for those of you who’ve had trouble with cashiers refusing to accept a $2.00 coupon for a $1.98 product, or any coupon that exceeds the item’s value.  This simply states that the cashier may manually enter a reduced discount of $1.98 instead of the full $2.00 face value discount of the coupon.  [I would like to point out that, for any store who reduces the coupon value so as not to pay overage, you should make sure your cashier is hand writing the adjusted discount on the coupon and crossing out the original face value.  Without doing this (and possibly even when they do), the store will be reimbursed for the full value of the coupon.  Most stores have this policy against paying overage; it is very understandable and I don’t have any problem with it, but the truth is that the store is usually pocketing the difference between coupon value and product value.]

6. Coupons have no cash value.
7. Accepted coupons must be Manufacturer or Safeway store issued coupons.

Okay, so Safeway won’t accept a Target store coupon or any competitor coupon; we already knew that.

8. Safeway will accept valid manufacturer coupons that display another retailer's logo or name.

Awesome!  This means that manufacturer coupons printed from, or a coupon that says “valid at your local supercenter” with a Walmart logo CAN be redeemed at Safeway!

9. Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupon that is issued to a customer by another retailer only if such coupon is for a specific item.

So, although we won't be able to use our $10.00 catalinas and $5 Register Rewards, we will still be able to use item-specific Catalinas.  Example:  $2.00 off Folgers Coffee Catalina Coupon printed at Albertsons, with Albertsons logo, or $0.50/1 Dentyne Ice Gum Register Reward with Walgreens logo.  And Remember Rule #8 allows us to use any other manufacturer coupon with a competitor logo, such as a Manufacturer coupon for $1.00/1 Kashi Product with a Target logo, printed from

10. The coupon must have an expiration date and be presented within valid dates.
11. Coupons are void if they appear distorted or blurry, are altered in any way or copied.
12. The transaction amount may not fall below zero value, or go negative, meaning we will not give the customer money back.
13. All sales taxes are paid by the customer at the full value of the item.
14. All bottle deposits on the purchased and free items are paid by the customer.
15. Safeway reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion.

Internet Printed Coupons:

16. We gladly accept internet printed coupons. The same manufacturer and store coupon rules above apply to all internet printed coupons.

You hear that ladies?  They’re accept them gladly!  Hold em to it now!  We want to see smiling faces people!

17. Internet printed coupons must scan at checkout.
18. Internet printed coupons must have serial numbers and follow an industry-standard format.
19. Manufacturer internet printed coupons must clearly indicate that they are a manufacturer coupon and have a valid manufacture address on the printed coupon.
20. We will not accept "free product" internet printed manufacturer coupons.

What rule is missing here?  That’s right!  They finally listened to somebody and got rid of the “printable coupon cannot exceed 50% of the item’s value” rule!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called corporate and left messages telling why that was the dumbest coupon policy rule I’ve ever seen!  All you ladies who’ve been getting the run around- it’s time to do a happy dance!

Load to Card Club Coupons:

21. Internet and digital coupons that have been electronically loaded to a Safeway Club Card are automatically redeemed at the time of purchase after the club card number has been entered. All other coupon policies above apply to electronic coupons that are loaded to a club card.

Doubling of Coupons:

22. Check with your local store regarding 'double coupon' advertised promotions where customers will receive double the coupon face value off the regular or club card price up to the advertised limit. Not all locations offer double coupon promotions. Limitations and restrictions for double coupon promotions may change at any time. Changes will be posted in store only.

Someone update me if this information is out of date or incorrect, please:
Safeway:  Colorado & Wyoming double coupons up to $0.50 AND they round $0.51-$0.99 coupons to $1.00. Oregon & So Washington stores distribute in-ad 'double coupons'; use these to double up to 4 coupons $0.50 or under.
Randalls & TomThumb: automatically triple coupons $0.39 and under and double coupons up to $0.50, (one identical coupon per transaction).

Coupon Stacking: (Hawaii stores only)

23. Safeway does not allow a customer to redeem two or more manufacturer coupons against the same item in a single transaction.
24. Coupon stacking policies for manufacturer coupons apply to paper and electronic coupons that have been loaded to a club card.
25. If a customer presents two coupons for the same item in a single transaction, Safeway will only accept the first coupon to be applied in the system.

Hawaii residents, today is the first time I’m not jealous of you!  My only guess is that food is harder to keep stocked in Hawaii and they’re trying to avoid shelves being cleared by coupon ladies stocking up.

For the rest of us, this is awesome news.  My inbox has been brimmed with emails complaining of a supposed ‘new policy” where you cannot use more than one copy of the same coupon.  If there was such a rule, Safeway would have included it right here.  Since they didn’t, you need to print this policy and take it with you to your store.  As long as you don’t live in Hawaii, flashing this policy around once should solve your problem.  Safeway or any store will never accept a copy, meaning photocopy, but they will accept multiple valid printable coupons.


26. Rainchecks expire 90 days from the date issued and are accepted at any Safeway store.27. We reserve the right to limit Rainchecks quantities based on product availability and advertised limits.
27. We reserve the right to limit Rainchecks quantities based on product availability and advertised limits.
28. Rainchecks can be written for a limit of no more than 3 items unless otherwise stated in the advertisement.

We may change this policy at any time. All coupon redemptions are subject to the policy in effect at time of redemption. Policy changes may not be advertised. The current policy will be posted at the customer service area in each store.